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Masi rose from her seat and strode over to Sek’hath. “Welcome aboard Ensign. I am Lieutenant Commander Masi Dirida, First Officer of the Ark Angel. I believe you’re the new helm officer, correct?”


“Indeed,” replied Sek’hath, his stony face remaining dispassionate. Small talk and pleasantries were not things Vulcans were known for. He had considered briefly the possibility of acknowledging the first officer’s new status aboard ship, but then immediately dismissed it as being too emotional of a response. Congratulatory gestures seemed so empty, anyway.

“What is the ship’s current status?” he asked instead, glancing at his console and getting his bearings.

Masi noted the hesitation she felt from her new crewmate but said nothing of it. “Currently docked at Starbase 243 for repair operations before we receive new orders. The exact time remaining here is a bit up in the air.”


About this point a comm call came in from the ship’s classroom. =/\= NE Teacher to the bridge, any chance you got some junior officer free up there that might like the chance to chat up the 8th graders on stellar navigation and charting? =/\= She asked.

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