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A love of space. V’alura knew that love well. Everyday she got to look out into the black and think to herself, what wonders will we find today? And everyday she got to head into the science labs to study and learn about everything they found out there. The new En was going to fit right in. “There’s no pressure if you don’t want to.” V’alura assured him. “I tend to be real informal about things but refer to me however you feel most comfortable with and I’ll return the same courtesy to you.” V’alura lived most of her life as a civilian, and referring to someone by rank all the time felt stuffy to her. But it is what it is, and now that she’s the CSO she’ll have to get used to many new things.

“Alright, what next.” She reviewed her mental interview notes, “What next. . . ah, that’s it. So.” She smiled and motioned toward the window looking out into one of the science labs, “There’s always something going on in the labs. A good chunk of it relates to our current mission, but our teams consist of enlisted and civilian scientists. There will be plenty of opportunities in-between missions or during down time to begin new research or continue past experiments. So. . .

“What sort of projects or research would you create or pursue?”

Lt. Jg. Belmont

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“I started a promising study of genetic predisposition for linguistic ability in my senior year. It’s produced some interesting results so far, but I’d like to explore the subject more. I also have been wanting to conduct research on a potential common linguistic origin for several different species, similar to the common biological origin of the Progenitors. I have a suspicion segments of the Progenitors’ language were somehow passed down to their ‘offspring’. As for projects, I’ve been working for years on developing a constructed language from the earliest roots to a modern equivalent. I’m sure that starship science computers would make that significantly faster using simulations and such. Of course, I’d put those all aside in favor of any mission-required projects.” His voice grew in excitement as he talked about his pet project. In fact, it was an even larger project than he’d let on. He’d had to build the entire Fai’ela culture from the ground up, and develop it through millennia. Then, he’d built the language, using the culture as a framework to inform the linguistic evolution. He had accumulated several hundred teraquads of data on this project, and it wasn’t half done yet.
“Is there anything you would like me to work on, Ma’am?”
Ens. Lis

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So many different projects full of potential. The research for a genetic predisposition for linguistic ability showed great promise. As did the lingual origins for all species seeded by the Progenitors. Though, of course, the Ensign had captured all of her attention by mentioning computer simulations. Which absolutely was V’alura’s wheelhouse. She made the best computer-guided simulation programs. And the best holodeck adventures. “Oh, our computers are most definitely up to that task. The moment I have free time again I’ll be happy to give you hand with the simulations.”

V’alura stood and motioned for the Ensign to follow her, “Come on, I’ll give you a tour of the labs and your first assignment.” She guided him out of her office and around the loop of Deck 13. “Here we have the general science labs one through three.” Her office looked in on science lab one. There were scientists, engineers and civilian workers moving about everywhere they looked. Many were performing the tedious but necessary work of examining the labs hardware and equipment for damage and stress. The Thought Drive got them from A to B in the snap of a finger but it certainly took its toll on their systems. Others were replacing burnt panels or repairing broken console stations. V’alura’s smile was a little sad, seeing all the damaged parts piled against a far wall, “Right now we’re in repair mode but once the ship is back in working order we will be studying the protomatter life forms we discovered at the edge of the galaxy.

“You might also hear them referred to as Reality Bubbles because they were capable of turning thoughts into reality. We managed to gather quite a bit of data about those lifeforms and other things about GN-z11. Once we’re back to normal I want a team pouring over the data and putting everything we learned together. But we’ll get back to that.” V’alura continued the tour, pointing out the exobiology, astrometrics, temporal science and planetary science labs. Then lead Ensign Lis down to Deck 14.

“Down here are the general science labs four through six, planetary science lab two and upper stellar cartography. And here are the cybernetics labs.” V’alura stopped outside the labs that were hers before she was made head of all science. “If you ever need to find me, chances are I’ll be here.” She said, “These are the people to talk to for simulations for your language.” V’alura finished their loop of Deck 14 and brought the Ensign back to 13 by taking the staircase.

Along the way back to her office she said, “Here’s what I want you to work on, Ensign. It’s not glamorous or important work, but I need more hands. Since you have a background in genetics, I need you to examine the samples for the genetics projects and ensure none were harmed or damaged in the jump. Our geneticists will certainly appreciate an extra hand. Plus, you’ll learn what genetics projects we were working on before, uh, let’s call it Cosmic Being Shenanigans happened.” She made a mental note to create a report about that for all their new personal aboard the ship. But now they were back outside her office. “If you have any questions ask them now. Otherwise, our geneticists will be happy to receive you in general science lab three.”

Lt. Jg. Belmont

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