Post-Sim: It's Shore Leave, Baby! [All welcome!]

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She wore civilian clothes. A cropped pale orange jacket with deep v-neck and high-waist white pants with a scalloped trim along the the top and pants bottoms. V’alura ordered herself a glass of Syrah and sat back to wait for the rest to arrive. They all deserve a night of fun and relaxation.

V’alura Belmont

One of the first pair of non-NEs to arrive was Fleet Captain Andone.....who it seems had just gotten a promotion! As she was sporting Commodore pips now. OOC: [img][/img] by her side was her young 13 year old teenage half-human/romulan daughter Tel’eck. Who was wearing a simple grey-white pin stripe jump suit. Under Drudoc’s arms was a pouch which inside seemed to be several boxes of some kind. Tel’eck in turn was carrying a small satchel of her own which contained plastic see through containers of food. She was quick to disengage herself from her mother at the woman’s nod and move over to the serving table to place a variety of smoked meat, fruit and cheese platters.

Turning after watching her daughter run off to join some other NE children already present, Drudoc came over to V’alura. “..Greetings Ensign, I trust all is well?” She inquired.

Drudoc Andone CO

V’alura saw her captain enter and her eyes lit up at the new Commodore pips. “Congrats on the promotion!” V’alura crowed, “All’s well with me. Glad you could make it. Want some wine?” She motioned with her glass towards the bar counter were several bottles and long-stemmed glasses waited. Across the room there was a similar set up but for non-alcoholic drinks.

V’alura Belmont

”..A little wine would not hurt, sure. Thank you for the congratulations then too. I was quite surprised myself.” Drudoc replied.

V’alura grinned over the rim of her glass, “As my momma liked to say, never drink until you’ve earned it. And I dare say we’ve earned it.”

Tel’eck meanwhile was doing her usual best to entertain the younger children with stories and games.

Drudoc Andone CO

Masi had returned to starbase to join the party and meet her new Captain. She entered the bar and looked around for a moment, and finding someone wearing Commodore pips, she wasn’t quite sure if this was a flag officer assigned to the starbase or the ship’s CO. Though she had heard the Captain had recently been promoted. She approached and asked “Excuse me, are you Captain Andone?”

-Lt Cmdr Masi Dirida

Drudoc turned sipping her small wine glass, “..Yes I am she. Can I help you Commander?” She asked politely.

Drudoc Andone CO

Masi smiled extremely broadly. “Hello Captain. I am Lieutenant Commander Masi Dirida, your new first officer.” She extended her hand to the Captain.

Since their illustrious captain was now occupied, V’alura stood to greet the arriving crew of the Ark Angel and direct everyone to the appropriate drink tables or servers. Meeting and greeting was practically sport for V’alura. Always ready with a pretty smile or gracious greeting, she knew when to laugh at jokes, and the perfect volume to laugh at. She had nearly a million anecdotes ready to regale and a sixth sense for finding wall-flowers to lure into fun. Yes, parties were sport for V’alura and she a professional player.

V’laura Belmont


”..Good to meet you then Commander, you got here just in time to begin our festivities after our last harrowing mission. Did you get the debrief?” She inquired sipping the wine again.

Drudoc Andone CO

“I did not, though I did hear that it earned you a promotion. My congratulations.” Masi seemed like a distinctly cheery individual and a very keen officer. She hoped her eager demeanor wasn’t offputting but she couldn’t exactly help it.


”..We’ll have to schedule a quick debrief meeting after this. Suffice to say it was hardly a boring mission.” She said.

After a moment an NE came up to Andone. “..The podium is ready for you ma’am.” She said.

Nodding to the NE Drudoc looked to her XO. “..If you’ll pardon me I need to gather up everyone.” She said.

Tapping the mic Drudoc waited till everyone was looking her way. “..If I could have everyone’s attention please? If you could all take your seats I got some things to say to everyone in attendance.” She said.

Drudoc Andone CO

“Of course.” As she said as she took her seat and looked a little confused on what’s going on as she took her attention to her.

Ensign Logan

Zarus took their seat and patiently waited for the CO’s address.


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