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Posted Sept. 17, 2021, 3:47 p.m. by Ensign Demil Lis (Scientist) (Amdirgol S)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Zarus DeSai (Chief Medical Officer) in Sickbay - Ens. Lis - Check In

Posted by Ensign Demil Lis (Scientist) in Sickbay - Ens. Lis - Check In

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Zarus DeSai (Chief Medical Officer) in Sickbay - Ens. Lis - Check In
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Demil walked into sickbay, his mind racing with excitement and already working on his Fai’ela project mentally again. He looked around for the highest ranking officer and said “Sir (or Ma’am), Ensign Demil Lis, reporting for my boarding physical!”

“It’s just Doctor,” Zarus said, “Or lieutenant at a push.”

They paused briefly before inviting Lis to take a seat on a nearby biobed.

“Now before I begin, do you have any medical conditions or allergies that I should be aware of?” they asked.


“Yes,” Demil replied. “I am extremely allergic to all types of insect bites.” He shivered as he remembered the first time he’d been bitten. It was around age 11. He’d been out in the forest when he felt a small pain on his arm, followed by an incessant itch. No more than a minute later, his tongue had begun to swell, and his head started aching and spinning. Next thing he remembered, he was lying in bed with several relatives and friends watching him. After that, he had been required to carry a hypo of epinephrine everywhere, and he always had to have ridiculous amounts of bug repellent if he was going to be outside. The bug repellent had decreased as he got older, but the hypo stayed. Once he had been joined with the Lis symbiont, the reactions got somewhat worse, but still manageable with immediate treatment.

Zarus nodded an acknowledgement of Lis’ information before beginning scanning carefully, firstly of the host and then of the symbiont in a way that only a Trill would do.

“Your host is very young, how did you find the joining process?” they asked whilst the tricorder hummed in its usual fashion.

“I submitted an application at the age of 16. Eventually, it must have made it to the top of the paperwork stack. They took note of my exceptional mental abilities and notified my 2 years after my application that I was eligible for the Lis symbiont. I was joined between my sophomore and junior years at the Academy. At first, I was off balance and dropped behind in my schoolwork, but thankfully the instructors understood the confusion of having another lifetime of experience. Thank goodness it was just the one, not 7.”

“I never applied myself,” Zarus replied, “It took me long enough to get comfortable with my own identity and I guess I’m scared of losing what took me so long to find and accept.”

Zarus looked down at the tricorder display to see the readouts…


The readings are relatively normal for a trill male and a normal symbiont. Demil and Lis are both in perfect health. “I suppose that’s a fair point. It’s less of losing your identity and more of gaining more aspects to it, in my experience, though.

Ens. Lis

Zarus smiled understanding Lis’ point.

“Well you’ve got a good bill of health,” Zarus said making the appropriate entry into Lis’ medical record.

“Do you have any questions?” they asked


“Not particularly,” Demil said.

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