Side-Sim Fantasy Awaits! Building a Holodeck World! (open)

Posted Sept. 18, 2021, 10:36 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade V'alura Belmont (Chief Science Officer) (Abigail G)

ooc: We need more side sims and in the Ark Angel channel the idea of a fantasy holodeck adventure was suggested! We’re hoping this world could be like the Fair Haven program like on the Voyager. A world that changes with the adventures and choices made. This side sim is an in-character brainstorming session for the world. All characters are welcome to hop in and contribute! Even if it’s only a swing by “can we have blank?” and go on their merry way.

V’alura loved her science team. When making her rounds about the science labs, picking her scientists’ minds for new holodeck ideas, Ensign Demil mentioned a hundred page document about his fantasy world. Bless her scientists’ nerdy hearts. V’alura asked the Ensign to send her a copy then to meet her in 17/18 Forward at 2000. In the time in-between, V’alura got the word around the labs and the other decks about their epic brain storming session. Some people have asked how she did it. That being, her ability to spread the word of social events or gatherings through word of mouth and without electronic communications. V’alura would smile and say, “A woman must have some secrets.” And leave it at that.

Either way, the word was out. Anyone interested in contributing to the fantasy program simply had to show up, or send her a message. A handful of her colleagues from the cybernetics lab were there and establishing the groundwork for the holodeck program. V’alura tapped away at her own PaDD, organizing her major contribution to the fantasy world: a magic system allowing them to perform magical spells while within the program. After all, what kind of fantasy program would it be if they weren’t allowed the option of immolating their enemies via fire ball spells? It would be a sub-standard fantasy program is what it would be. And she was V’alura Belmont, the greatest holodeck programmer in the galaxy*.

Lt. Jgr. Belmont (CSO)

  • Due to the lack of accreditation or peer review board for holodeck programs, V’alura cannot submit a request to be recognized as the greatest holodeck programmer currently alive.

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