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Posted Sept. 30, 2021, 9:15 a.m. by Commodore Drudoc Andone (Commanding Officer) (Robert Archer)


It was a week or so later since the Ark Angel’s trip to the GNz-11 galaxy. The ship was repaired and back in service and the crew rotated and rested. It was the morning of 1030 hours when the now Commodore Drudoc Andone strode quickly onto the bridge, tapping her comm badge for all department heads. =/\= All senior staff to the briefing room in 5 minutes post haste! =/\= She said with an urgent tone to her voice. With that she herself strode into the briefing room to await her staff’s arrival, her features though for any officers or JOs or NEs present was of a conflicted and troubled nature.

GM CockRoach

Thoroughly refreshed by her week of rest, V’alura was running tests in the science labs when the captain-ah-commodore’s comm played overhead. The urgent tone immediately caught her off guard, and put her on edge. Just what did it take to make the commodore sound like that? She left her tests to run themselves, and made with all haste to the briefing room. She arrived in just under five minutes, and nodded to Andone as she took her seat at the table.

Looking at the commodore, V’alura almost said something. Something calming, maybe comforting, exactly what she couldn’t tell, but something. Instead, V’alura kept her silence and waited for her fellow DHs to arrive and settle in. Whatever the trouble is, she’ll know soon enough.

Lt. J.g Belmont (CSO)

At the sound of the Commodore’s call, Masi rushed out of her quarters, straightening her uniform and clipping her pips to her collar as she tried to maintain a dignified rush. She was a bit anxious about her first staff meeting here but she had high hopes that everything would go well.

Masi arrived in the briefing room and settled into a chair, greeting everyone on her way in.


Zarus entered the briefing room brightly. Their blue hair and eyes matched were as blue as their trill spots and complimented their short-sleeved uniform shirt that was visible around their grey uniform waistcoat.

“Morning,” Zarus said as they took their seat and placed their coffee mug on the table. They removed the lid to make it easier to drink casually releasing the pungent smell escape from the steaming mug.


Miz’uki came in next she looked as if she had a rough night, in fact she looked like she had been in a bit of a brawl. she had a lot of deep scratches as well as a black eye and she was also limping a bit. the fact was she had spent Shore leave with her wife, who used her own shore leave time to be with Miz’uki after the scare of losing each other while she had been in a distant galaxy. And of course, being married to a Klingon woman meant that things got very rough on the Ahem Lovey-Dovey nights. Not that she minded how rough things got, still the fact she was here instead of sickbay was hopefully saying something about her drive to be the next Starfleet Miricle worker.


OOC: Those arriving late post ABOVE this line to avoid getting glares from the CO :P

With everyone finally here Drudoc nodded, pressing a button on the holo-display an image of an early Federation Daedalus class like ship. “..This is the SS Synthesis, NCC-26 a Unity class heavy cruiser variant of the Daedalus class medium cruiser. Built in late 2264 she was launched about 2 years after the Earth-Romulan war and was sent out on one of the first true deep space exploration voyages of their time. About a month after her launch all contact was lost when she reached a region then known as ‘The Warren’ still known by that name along the southern reaches of explored space, even today the region is only partly explored fully and many systems remain only in passing scans or by probes. A day ago the Deep Space K-9 in that region received a distress call from the Synthesis..” She said pausing to let that sink in.

After the pause she pushed another LCARS button and an audio message came up, a stressed male’s voice coming through. =/\= This is Captain Thomas Dambrine of the SS Synthesis to any vessel in range, we have encountered an unknown energy burst and our computer systems are going hay wire, request immediate assistance from any vessel in range! =/\= The voice said finishing with a strange computer whir and beeping that didn’t sound very good.

”..Our orders are to being a search and rescue operation, we’ve been outfitted with such in our mission module suite for aiding in this matter. Sadly Starfleet is stretched thin right now in this sector so we’ll be the only vessel going in to search. Starfleet feels further resources would be overkill..” She said hinting at her own frustration at this news.

Looking then one to each department head she began giving out order PADDs, “..Medical will of course need to prep to receive up to 100 possible casualties, for Science I want you to review what we know of The Warrens, look into the historical and allied databases of the region for any sign of ‘unknown energy bursts’ then if anything is found try to adapt our own defenses against it, given this energy burst seems to have effected computer systems,” She paused looking to security then, “..I want security to run more in depth patrols of the ship and tighten computer core system security. Finally I want engineering to run a full system check, and familiarize yourselves with the old technology the Unity class used. If we need to make repairs I want to be ready to assist. Questions?” She asked.

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