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Posted Oct. 16, 2021, 8:21 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade V'alura Belmont (Chief Science Officer) (Abigail G)

Posted by Nicole Cline in Side-Sim New Research in the Starfleet Medical Journal

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade V’alura Belmont (Chief Science Officer) in Side-Sim New Research in the Starfleet Medical Journal
V’alura fell into her office chair, sinking into the memory foam before settling back with a heavy sigh. Dark green bags had begun to form beneath her eyes and her normally curly hair was limp and flat from a lack of care. Too much researching. Too many minutes wasted thinking about said research. I’m so exhausted She should leave her office and get some sleep.

Instead, V’alura sat forward and opened her correspondence and opened files from oldest to most recent. Most were updates from within the ship, requests from department heads or staffing issues. Projects that needed approval or rejecting. But one stuck out. A message from Starfleet Medical. Curious, V’alura opened the file and saw it was the latest issue of the Starfleet Medical Journal. Then it clicked. Her research! Suddenly giddy, V’alura went to the index and scoured the titles of the paper until she saw it. Her research.

New Advancement in Predictive AI Diagnosis Algorithms By Lieutenant Junior Grade V’alura Belmont, PhD of Artificial Intelligence

[An abstract that details the main finding of the research, an introduction of herself and the current predictive algorithms used currently in the field and the objective of her research and algorithm, her testing methodologies and an introduction to the data used for testing, then roughly a hundred pages of math, code and such much data regarding the new algorithm and the results from her trial tests. A discussion comparing the results to those made by current algorithms, and a recommendation of how this new model may be used within the medical field. Due to the algorithm’s highly accurate predictions, it could be utilized against predicting infection and progress of disease. However, further research and testing are required before this new algorithm is made available to medical equipment. The research paper ends with Lt. Jgr. Belmont’s contact information.]

“Goodness, gracious, my research was published!” V’alura said aloud, overjoyed to see one of her long-term side projects finally published. Gosh, it’s been months since she first sent her research to the Starfleet Medical Peer Review Board. “Oh, this is the best news I’ve gotten all week.” Since there was no one in her office, she talked to the little beta fish she kept there (originally she wanted one of her tarantulas to move in, but, given the prevalence of arachnophobia among her scientists, decided a fish would be the better and safer choice). “All I need now is to prove it’s validity for medical use.” Someone was bound to message her about it.

Smiling for the first time in hours, V’alura felt a little more invigorated as she continued through her correspondences.

Lt. Jg. Belmont, CSO

There was a letter awaiting V’alura the next day, arriving from an officer aboard the USS Ogawa. It read as follows:
Dear Lt JG V’alura Belmont,

I am a Doctor aboard the USS Ogawa. [The letter went on to list his qualifications]. I have read and am rather interested in your research regarding the use of AI in the medical field. I believe it has potential to be a great tool, however I have some questions. How does this algorithm work? What kinds of molecules and processes can it predict? What else do you expect it to be able to do? I would be most interested to see this technology move forward. If this letter is unwanted, please disregard. Otherwise, I await your answer.

Lt JG Solal, Immunology
[The letter contained an electronic signature.]

Solal’s contact information was listed at the bottom.

~ Lt JG Solal, Doctor [USS Ogawa]

A new day. A new, slightly better rested her. V’alura scrolled through her correspondence, replying to messages one after another until she came across a message from the USS Ogawa. The USS Ogawa. . . never heard of it She opened and read the message, her excitement building the more she read. This is fantastic! A doctor is interested in her research! V’alura glanced at the time, and figured she had the time to write a proper reply before she was needed out in the labs.

V’alura cracked her knuckles then got to typing.

Dear Lt JG Solal Segal,

Thank you for contacting me about my research, it is very much wanted. I am more than happy to answer your questions. Here are my answers, in the order as they appeared in your letter: [A description of machine learning and how AI can “learn” through repeated experiences and then draw from those experiences and data banks to perform a long and complex series of calculations, resulting in the predictions], [all molecules at the cellular level and it could predict changes in immune responses, the advancement of infection and disease. Like the growth of cancerous cells or swelling]. With enough tests and “experience” the AI guiding the algorithm could one day predict how unknown disease may advance through a living body. By running the algorithm against well-documented biological responses, we could train it to predict lesser-known responses or even predict how and unknown disease will advance. The more we utilize the program and expose it to new responses, the better it will become.

If you are interested in helping me progress my research, I think we could help each other out. [An explanation of the next phase for the research, using current medical data and comparing it to the computer diagnosis and the diagnosis of the organic doctor.] With your assistance, we could begin testing the algorithm for future use in the field.

Lt. JG. Belmont, CSO
[Followed by V’alura’s electronic signature]

Ugh. V’alura glared at that sincerely but she didn’t know what else to put. Anything else felt too casual. Though, that “sincerely” felt to darn formal. Oh well. She may have a future research partner!

Lt. Jg. Belmont, CSO

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