Mess Hall -everyone welcome-

Posted Oct. 17, 2021, 2:40 p.m. by Ensign Ashley Logan (Security Officer) (Christopher Logan)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade V’alura Belmont (Chief Science Officer) in Mess Hall -everyone welcome-

Posted by Ensign Ashley Logan (Security Officer) in Mess Hall -everyone welcome-

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade V’alura Belmont (Chief Science Officer) in Mess Hall -everyone welcome-
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While she sat down didnt even get anything, the ensign decided to just sit there and sits. She doesn’t do much cause she hasnt been sleeping well. She sat there and started to think about things cause she is worried something like that is gonna come back and haunt her again. She just doesnt know what to do.

Ensign Logan

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GM CockRoach

As it turns out, living things need food. Which was, of course, obvious but sometimes the brain forgets that little quirk of basic biology. Once the brain recognized the body’s hunger signals, V’alura pulled herself away from work and away from her office. Thus, V’alura forwent eating a sad meal alone in her office, to make the trek to a more public venue. There, she ordered a hearty fruit and vegetable salad with a side of cottage cheese. That’s when she spotted Ensign Logan by herself. Poor thing, V’alura thought, she looks miserable.

V’alura made her decision and settled into the seat across from Ashley, “Hey, there.” She greeted with a warm smile, “I hope you don’t mind if I join you. It looked like you could use some company.”

Lt. Jgr. Belmont

“No no of course not please sit.” She said to the Lt.” She then smiled.

Ensign Logan

“Thanks,” V’alura took a few bites of food before starting up some friendly chatter, “How have you been doing? Feels like everyone’s been rushing around since, well, our unplanned trip across the galaxy.” So sudden a trip and so sudden their return.

Lt. Jgr. Belmont

Well Lt. I’ve been doing alright. It does feel like everyone’s been rushing. But we do our job right even we do it, it can come with a big sudden change.” She said.

Ensign Logan

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