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Information coming up from Allied sources was limited, the Klingons had basically taken a peek into the Warrens sometime around the 2350s, and for some reason after loosing two ships to unknown causes never went back. Dominion communications during the war back in the 2370s were equally useless. The Dominion had sent a strike fleet in for some purpose unknown but the whole fleet of 30 ships had vanished equally. After that they hadn’t gone back. Federation records, were annoyingly sparse as well, but more complete somewhat. The region had been mapped as being about 40 light years across by 50 light years wide and another 20 light years ‘tall’. Overall a very big chunk of real estate. The first probes had gone into the region in the 2160s reporting rich mineral contents and possible habitable planets. The SS Synthesis had then been sent in to explore and chart but vanished a month into their exploration. In 2230s another series of probes had went in reporting similar rich minerals and several systems that had no intelligent life but could be colonized. Three Starfleet ships and escorting six colonial freighters and transports setting out for one system made land fall and began to setup shop when three months into things the USS Val reported contact with an ion storm nearing the system and then all went quiet. Follow up by the USS Boston found the colony intact structurally but all the colonists were gone. Equally in orbit the USS Val, USS Freedom, and USS Gaston were equally empty of any life or signs of struggle of what happened to the crew. As a result of this Starfleet called off further colonial plans and in-depth exploration till 2290 when the USS Apollo II explored the outer boundaries of the Warren being the first ship to fully map its extensive lengths. It came back safely but the ship’s Science chief reported scans of possible space borne life forms, but follow up probes found nothing to confirm this and it was passed off as a sensor ghost. In 2340, the Ambassador class USS Poll tried again to follow up deep space probes to scan the heart of the Warren, but two months into their explorations the ship sent a general distress call and a garbled message.

The message if played was badly broken up but was as follows. =/\= This…USS Poll....encountered massive zitch....unknown zitch…attempting to zitch warp core, will make zitch 2 light years from here if possible. =/\= It said.

GM CockRoach

Each respective team’s research done, V’alura gathered everyone into science lab one to examine and dissect the results. And oh, the facts did not paint a pretty picture. If she had to describe that picture it would be thus: a big black nothing. Dozens of missing ships, ships whose crew vanished without a trace, entire colonies gone poof. The perfect horror mystery. Normally V’alura loved horror. The thrill of danger and suspense, but this was another beast entirely. This wasn’t a movie or a sim created for entertainment, but reality. V’alura took a moment to mentally compose herself, her expression and her body language before addressing her team.

“I won’t beat around the bush, this Warrens has taken many lives.” She said, her voice even and firm. V’alura held herself tall, and gave off an impression of calm and composure. “We have the opportunity to save some of those lost lives. There is no challenge we cannot overcome and we have far more information and technology and skill than those who have gone before us. Look at the data. Does anything strange stand out to any of you?” V’alura urged, to get her team thinking. There was one pattern that stood out to her, and she hoped her team had picked up on it as well.

Lt. Jgr. Belmont, CSO
“It seems, based on the reports of potential space-borne lifeforms and the fact that multiple times, only the living things disappeared, that there could be aliens in that space that don’t want company. They could be more primitive, and therefore only register living creatures, not technology. Perhaps they are accidentally damaging some technology. Those energy bursts could be an attempt to communicate…” Demil half-responded, half-thought aloud.

Ens. Lis

“It could be any of those things or the disappearances could be the result of direct and purposeful attacks. Look at this. . .” V’alura said, and brought up two ships on the holodisplay: The Synthesis and the Poll. “Both of these ships were hit by something. That something interfered with the ships ability to function. Yet all probes sent into the Warren were never hit by any strange forces or knocked off-line or anything. If they couldn’t sense technology then why disable the ships? There’s something strange going on in that section of space. What is causing it, be it natural or the result of life, I cannot say. . .

“However, it’s our job to be prepared for it.” V’alura made a third ship appear on the holo-display: the Ark Angel. “How do we protect the Ark Angel?”

Lt. Jgr. Belmont, CSO
“Well, first, I believe we should operate on the assumption that the energy bursts were intentionally directed at those ships, perhaps as communication. I think the linguists should see if we can decipher any linguistic structure encoded in any sensor logs we have of the bursts. We should also plan to nullify the pulses as much as possible, maybe by trying to scramble them. It would also be wise to maintain shields up while we are in the Warren until we learn more.”

Ens. Lis

Unfortunately they did not have any scans of these pulses/bursts. The best for now it seems they could hope for was keeping prepared to react to any unexpected fallout that may come their way.

GM CockRoach

V’alura inclined her head, “I agree that we should assume these bursts are intentional. We can have a linguist team ready but we shouldn’t anticipate that that is the purpose of those bursts,” She said, “It’s too soon to know anything for certain. Not to mention it looks like we don’t have any scans of these pulses. Which means we have no idea what to anticipate or what to nullify. . . Maintaining shields is a good idea, let’s get to figuring out how long we can keep shields up and the impact that’ll have on ship power.

She pressed a few buttons, and several areas upon the Ark Angel’s model lit up, “These pulses seem to be energy based, perhaps we could build energy banks at key points within the Ark Angel. These banks could absorb at least a portion of the energy and limit the damage to key systems. We could place them at the bridge, the primary and secondary computer core, the warp core, and the medbay.”

Lt. Jg. Belmont, CSO

“I would also suggest one here, so we have somewhere to figure out what’s going on if we’re hit and will still be able to do our jobs. One at the deflector too would be a good idea…” Demil mused. “If we disable the holodecks, that would give us more power for the shields.”

Ens. Lis

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