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Posted Oct. 18, 2021, 1:54 p.m. by Commodore Drudoc Andone (Commanding Officer) (Robert Archer)


Miz’uki had raced down to engineering and into her office right after the briefing and had immediately gone through her great grandmother’s files and found all references to the Unity class pulling them up she loaded them all onto a PaDD then she hit her commbadge “Ensign Sak’Hath Report to Holodeck 1 right away!” she purred as she left her office and started heading that way herself

upon arriving at the holodeck she pulled up a Program she created it was her own space dock design that had a lab as its main facility in the center of this lab was a holo table she could bring up a manipulatable Holo display showing the specs and blueprints of any ship class inside the main dock area she could load any ship class no matter the area then board that ship class and investigate it in a hands-on way “Computer Load ship SS Synthesis in her last know configuration with any and all noted modifications made by her chief engineer” she ordered “Expand the number of bays on the station as well and load a Unity class Cruiser to specifications at launch” she said wanting a pristine example as well to compare any changes the Chief Engineer of the Synthesis may have made


=/\= Compiling =/\= The computer intoned. Around her the holo displays shifted and the Unity class came up on all the screens. Outside in the holo-docking bay a ‘physical’ representation of the Unity class came into existence as well.

Data then scrolled across the screen, before a blinking result came up. =/\= No changes by SS Synthesis on record differing from pre-launch conditions. =/\= Indicating no changes since the ship’s launch up to the month before their vanishing act was on file. So far as they knew the ship was built to stock configuration. The computer though helpfully did offer secondary results pertaining to the chief engineer’s logs on record up till their disappearance. They read as follows for titles, followed by a video file showing a somewhat handsome man in his early 30s with greasy long black hair:

1) January 9th - 2162 - =/\= Chief Engineer’s Log, Lieutenant Austin recording. I got to say these new Unity class ships sure beat the pants off the older Bonaventure frigates and Intrepid light cruisers I served on during the War. Hard to believe its coming up on two years since that all ended. The advances we made then and now in this new Federation of Planets the past year have been amazing. Pushing up to warp 7, by the gods I never thought the day would happen given all the problems we had getting to warp 5. But I guess that’s what you get when folks pull together and work together jointly. Some of my staff are a little unsure if it will last. But I say even if it does not let’s ride this advancement train long as it will go. Anyhow, seems the CO gave us our first mission orders this morning. We’re off to some deep space assignment to a place called The Warrens by the egg heads down in science. Probes say there’s unclaimed space out there ripe for mining and colonizing. After the drains from the War we need every bit of rebuilding effort we can get.

2) January 11th - 2162 - =/\= Chief Engineer’s Log, Lieutenant Austin recording. We are two days into our trip so far out to The Warrens and I got the CO to let us put the ship through her paces today. Pushed the reactor up to the red line for an hour and a half at warp 7, things got a little bumpy but otherwise no problems to report. Ensign Kenny suggested we could try inserting a flow rebalancer to smooth out the transition run from warp 6 to 7. I think the boy is onto something. Going to run some simulations before passing it up to the CO for approval.

3) January 13th - 2162 - =/\= Chief Engineer’s Log, Lieutenant Austin recording. We are almost a week into our trip now, crew is settling in to the routine of life aboard this ship. Sadly I must report that Ensign Kenny’s suggestion did not pan out with approval to the CO, he said the ship was still too new to begin tinkering with hardware like that. He is probably right, simulations showed what little gain we would get by such an installation would not really gain us much in the overall scheme for the amount of effort involved. I have forwarded the results and idea though back to the R&D folks on Earth, maybe by the time we get back in a year or so they will have worked it into a refit schedule. Only other thing of note was earlier today we passed by an abandoned battle sight from the War. Scans showed no life signs of course, nor anything of use to pick up, a few of the crew used the down time to remise about their own service and old friends.

4) January 19th - 2162 - =/\= Chief Engineer’s Log, Lieutenant Austin recording. Coming up on two weeks since leaving Earth, we are chugging along at a steady warp 4.5 or so. Tomorrow the CO reports we will be transitioning out past any known explored areas besides probes. The crew is excited to find new things. Only thing of note from today’s shift is that my second watch chief Lieutenant Billy though made a report of power fluctuations on D deck from the computer core control room. A system diagnostic on site though revealed nothing amiss. So for now I am passing it off as a sensor glitch.

5) January 28th - 2162 - =/\= Chief Engineer’s Log, Lieutenant Austin recording. Well we finally arrived! Got to say The Warrens is a strange place. Far as the eyes, or sensors can see the region is one massive proto-nebula. Thankfully its not built up enough to interfere too badly with our systems or navigation. CO had us run a full system’s check and everything came back in the green. Probes we sent out this morning are already reporting rich minerals to harvest all over, and at least three systems within range full of the same. Something tells me only good things will happen from here on out. After all from the Hell that the War had brought things can only get better from here right?

This was the end of the logs for the chief engineer before the ship vanished.

GM CockRoach

she made note of the Battlefield and decided an expert on Romulan history might be able to provide some kind of insight into a potential reason why their computers were acting weird =^=”Miz’uki to Captain Andone Do you have a minute? I am doing some research into the SS Synthsis on Holodeck 1 and I would like to pick your brain if you don’t mind”=^= she called using her commbadge

=/\= I’ll be by momentarily Lieutenant.=/\= Drudoc replied.

Meanwhile, she began to prepare for another experiment to see how the ship’s systems might react to varying temporal anomalies that other ships had encountered in the past


Sure enough three minutes later Drudoc entered the holodeck, she glanced about then strode over to where the chief engineer was. “..What have you found so far Lieutenant?” She inquired.

Drudoc Andone CO

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