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Posted Oct. 18, 2021, 2:36 p.m. by Commodore Drudoc Andone (Commanding Officer) (Robert Archer)


she made note of the Battlefield and decided an expert on Romulan history might be able to provide some kind of insight into a potential reason why their computers were acting weird =^=”Miz’uki to Captain Andone Do you have a minute? I am doing some research into the SS Synthsis on Holodeck 1 and I would like to pick your brain if you don’t mind”=^= she called using her commbadge

=/\= I’ll be by momentarily Lieutenant.=/\= Drudoc replied.

Meanwhile, she began to prepare for another experiment to see how the ship’s systems might react to varying temporal anomalies that other ships had encountered in the past


Sure enough three minutes later Drudoc entered the holodeck, she glanced about then strode over to where the chief engineer was. “..What have you found so far Lieutenant?” She inquired.

Drudoc Andone CO

“We have the logs from the Chief Engineer of the Synthesis, he mentioned they had passed by a Romulan-Earth war battlefield on the way to the warrens and I was wondering, did the Romulans during that time mess with any Computer viruses and might a small little bit of power allowed the virus to infect the Synthesis through a passive scan or something? it might explain the computer glitches at the very least, as for how they may have arrived in our time I am still working on that. I am currently setting up to see if any Temporal Anomalies that other ships have encountered before now would have affected them had they encountered something similar.” the Caitain engineer explained as she continued to work the consoles and everything once she was set up she would head over to the simulation Synthesis bridge and watch how the ship was affected


Drudoc crossed her arms about her chest, “..The Earth-Romulan War’s history is not exactly my most specialized subject you understand.” Drudoc began.

”..That said I did run across historical records of the Tal’shiar’s efforts to remotely control ships, despite propaganda there never was any virus to my knowledge. The control units for controlling ships were equally limited to the cutting edge Tal’shiar ships, not more main fleet Empire ships. Plus they took up a lot of power to use and required intricate comm arrays in almost perfect working order. I highly doubt a battlefield’s ruins would be acceptable to such needs. So no, sensor scans or not they wouldn’t have been able to infect the Synthesis that way. It’d meant a uncloaked Talshiar ship having to be there, and that would have been in violation of the treaty just setup which neither side could afford..” She said.

Prep work on the temporal experiments were varied, a fact the computer chimed in about around this point. =/\= Error temporal anomaly patterns number too many to fully analyze, please narrow experiment search for more viable results.=/\= It said, meaning that given all the variety of known ways for a ship to temporally travel there needed to be narrower profiles for the experiment to give results. There also was the fact that no such anomalies were on record for this area of space.

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