Pre-Sim: It's Shore Leave, Baby! [All welcome!]

Posted Oct. 19, 2021, 1:28 a.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Zarus DeSai (Chief Medical Officer) (Jim Watkin)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade V’alura Belmont (Chief Science Officer) in Post-Sim: It’s Shore Leave, Baby! [All welcome!]

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Zarus DeSai (Chief Medical Officer) in Post-Sim: It’s Shore Leave, Baby! [All welcome!]

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade V’alura Belmont (Chief Science Officer) in Post-Sim: It’s Shore Leave, Baby! [All welcome!]
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”..I am glad to see so many familiar faces, as well as new ones as well!..” Drudoc began smiling and looking around to the assembled large crowd.

”..As some of you know our last mission was quite a jolt for us all. Being sent to the far reaching GN-z11 galaxy. I know many of you doubted in those two weeks we might ever find a means back. But this crew did the impossible! We not only returned safely intact but we did not lower ourselves to the whims of the Continuum. We also gathered a wealth of knowledge and information on that small region we were in that I am told will be keeping sciences all over the Federation a buzz for months or more to come!..” She went on.

”..With those efforts I want to recognize some of the faces who lead much of that effort. Ensign V’alura Belmont step forward!” She called.

Huh. V’alura stared dumbly at the captain for a brief moment. Surely. . . No way. In a daze she stood and stepped forward as told. To use an expression her momma was deeply fond of: What in tarnation.

Once the ensign was before her Drudoc smiled. “..Ensign your take charge attitude whether you saw it or not was a driving force to assemble the needed crew and information for the Thought Drive we invented. As well as for the care of Hope. With this in mind you are to assume command of the Ark Angel’s Science department as its new department head, with that comes a field promotion to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade. Congratulations to you..” She said.

Drudoc Andone CO

Pinch me I’m dreaming. Wait, no, not dreaming. She must be trapped in some sort of fever dream. “Th-thank you.” She said, mouth on auto-pilot while her brain caught up. Not dreaming. And last she checked that Q vanished without so much as a by your leave. So no cosmic being shenanigans. This is actually happening. For the first time in a long while, she felt completely at a loss. Her gaze drifted from the captain to the gathered crowd. It wasn’t stage fright. God no. It was uncertainty that coiled around her gut. V’alura pulled a beatific smile from her bank of expressions and said, “I am honored by this promotion. I promise to lead the science department to the best of my ability.”

She flashed one last smile and returned to her seat. Outwardly, she was calm and relaxed. Inwardly, she struggled to contain all her feelings. Uncertainty warred with fear. Could she really do this? Was she truly capable? Keep it together. Keep it together until you can get alone and think.

V’alura Belmont, CSO

Drudoc nodded to her new department head and then went down a list promoting some other NEs or awarding awards of study or valor.

When she was done and things had died down again to a quiet nature, she spoke again. “..I want to say how proud I am of this ship and her crew. This past year and more has not been an easy one for us but we have weathered the storms that have broke upon our hull. While the ship is being repaired I urge you all to mingle and relax. I now will open the floor to any comment or questions to myself or others among the crew here..” She said.

Drudoc Andone CO

Drudoc nodded then seeing no one had any comments or questions brought things to a close. “…Well if no one has any comments or questions I suggest we all kick back relax and enjoy the festivities. Thank you.” She said taking her leave and stepping down to mingle among some NEs.

Drudoc Andone CO

Masi smiled broadly and applauded gently. This was a very pleasant first encounter with this crew. She considered everything that had been said and thought There may be a transition period, but it seems Commodore Andone and I will work well together.


As the ensign sat there kind of happy about her fellow crew mates promotion. But she then didn’t look to fond of it but she’s happy. So she gets up and removes herself from the group.

Ensign Logan

Zarus also applauded their fellow crew members. They then rose from their seat and headed towards the bar for a drink.


After their captian. . . well, commodore (V’alura should work on correcting herself on that) took her leave of the stage to mingle, several individuals from the science and engineering departments approached V’alura to congratulate her on her new promotion. V’alura kept a bright smile on her face as she thanked all her well-wishes. They were all happy for her, and several expressed their confidence in her ability. Her most enthusiastic well-wishers came from the cybernetics department. And bless them each and every one. V’alura joked that they’ll be her favorite children. That got some laughs.

Once the swarm of well-wishers dispersed V’alura made a bee-line for the bar and ended up in the seat next to Zarus. She considered ordering a whiskey, but decided to stick to the wine. She nodded to Zarus, finding the role of good host easier to hold than her new promotion she asked, “Hey there, enjoying the party?”

V’alura Belmont

Ensign Logan then decided to leave and then go to her quarters. She got tired so she decided to go back. She got into her pajamas and went to bed.

Ensign Logan

“Yes thank you,” Zarus replied, “I don’t care what they say though; you can taste that it’s synthahol despite what they advertise.”

Zarus took a sip of their amber coloured fizzy drink.


V’alura flashed Zarus a grin while she waved over the bartender. “Anyone who’ve had the real deal always can. Lucky for you I spent a pretty penny on a few bottles of real wine.” It really did cost her, but these days V’alura didn’t have much use for the credits she earned as an actress. Allowing her fellow shipmates the chance for real alcohol was absolutely worth it. She poured herself a glass and held the bottle over the second questioning. “Want some?”

V’alura Belmont

“Thank you,” Zarus replied with a smile.


She poured him a glass, then set the bottle down between them. The wine wasn’t anything spectacular, a simple chardonnay with notes of oak and citrus, but all the better for the fact that it was honest to god real wine. V’alura swirled the wine in her glass, letting the drink aerate before taking a sip. “I got to visit a Nappa Valley vineyard on Earth years ago. Gorgeous area. Fantastic wine.” If she gave it more thought, she could recall many vivid details of that day like the weather, the fields, the taste of the wine she sampled and enjoyed.

V’alura Belmont

“I didn’t get to see much of Earth when I was at the Academy,” Zarus replied. To some people academic study came naturally, but for Zarus it did not and they had had to spend a lot of extra time studying.

“Maybe I should when I have shore leave?” Zarus took a sip of the refreshing wine.


“Absolutely.” V’alura said. She thought about her own time at the Academy. “Earth has many beautiful areas.” Then, she remembered one of the best vacations she ever had. V’alura chuckled at the memory, “If you ever do make it to Earth for shore leave, you should spend a day in Roswell, New Mexico. It’s so much fun, especially as a non-human.

“To give you some context. Roswell is close to the infamous military base: Area 51. A place where many humans once believed contained secret alien experiments and alien spaceships. It didn’t, but the rumors were popular enough to develop a massive tourist industry. Now, the town loves to host non-human visitors and pretend to follow the old rumors and conspiracies. It’s so much fun.”

V’alura Belmont

Zarus smiled, “I’ve read about some of humanitiy’s early encounters. You know if you go off the description rather than the imagery associate with it, you could almost think the Ferengi visited.”

Zarus sipped their wine, then chuckled before adding, “Can you imagine the capitalism mankind would have experienced if it had been them?”


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