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Posted Oct. 22, 2021, 2:34 a.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Zarus DeSai (Chief Medical Officer) (Jim Watkin)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Zarus DeSai (Chief Medical Officer) in Main Sim - Sickbay
After leaving the briefing Zarus headed to sickbay. Upon entering, they whistled loudly to get everyone’s attention and passed on the information they had received in briefing room.

“I have requested the crew’s medical records from Starfleet Archive. As soon as it arrives, please familiarise yourselves with it. Also please make yourselves familiar with any common illnesses and allergies of the time,” Zarus said.

“Oh and this experience will be very traumatic even for their healthy crew. Remember that they will be like fish out of water even if not requiring treatment.”

“Any questions?” Zarus asked


Zarus waited a few moments to give their team chance to ask.

“Ok then. You know what to do. I’ll be in my office,” Zarus said. It felt strange saying ‘my office’ having only recently being promoted to chief. “The door’s open if you need me,” they added.

Zarus went to the room that was their space. Despite Zarus confident expression of self with their blue hair, the office itself was bare and undefined. The only thing to identify the office as Zarus’ was their name tag on the door.

Zarus sat at their desk and checked on the status of their request from the Starfleet archives.


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