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Posted Nov. 9, 2021, 11:18 a.m. by Lieutenant Luca Vilyan (Chief Counseling Officer) (Alex Lorien)

“She’s in our sights, Lieutenant.”

Luca looked up from his PaDD, with almost a confused look until he realised what the pilot of the shuttlecraft he had been travelling in for the last 36 hours was talking about. He all but lurched forward to get a view of his new post and his first ever true position as department head on a vessel, and there she was.

The Ark Angel.

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow,” he muttered. They were the first part of the ship’s motto, the rest of which he said silently to himself: ‘The important thing is to not stop questioning’. He had memorised the words, which had not been exactly difficult, and they had resonated with him. Mostly because he was always asking questions … even when it drove his teachers mad! “She is …”

“Big!” The pilot offered.

“Beautiful,” Luca breathed.

The Lumerian reluctantly brought his gaze from the Mythology-class starship that they were heading towards, moving back into the belly of the shuttle to gather his things. He found that he was quite anxious all of a sudden, and even had to take a long breath to slow his quickening heartbeat. He was going to be in charge of an entire department! And not for a duty shift or a few days while the chief was away, but constantly. He would have to answer for every mistake and have the final say in his department’s running - that was a lot of responsibility. And what made his throat go dry the most? He would be the Ship’s Counsellor; advising the Commanding Officer during diplomatic and First Contact situations.

Luca had not been idle after he had been informed that he had been selected to be Chief Counselling Officer on the Ark Angel. After a little jumping up and down in glee - his superior had allowed this little outburst, but she had also wagged her finger at him saying “get studying, Luca.” And he had.

His new boss and the commanding officer of the ship was Commodore Dudoc Andone - the rank alone was somewhat daunting! And it wasn’t everyday (or indeed any day!) that one encountered Romulans within Starfleet! Luca was mature enough not to fall on sweeping stereotypes and such, but even he could not help but wonder if he would find some trace of the strict, proud and almost sinister qualities people attributed to the Romulans. Besides, he had been around so many people from so many different racial backgrounds that had personalities that went so squarely against such stereotypes that they were not reliable ways of predicting what one would find when encountering another of the same background.

That said, there was something in him that was happy to see the first officer was a Betazoid. Not that he was to assume that Lieutenant Commander Masi Dirida was going to be all sweetness and light as those who had never been around Betazoids might assume. Luca had lived on Betazed when he had trained at the Counselling Academy and he had met plenty of Betazoids he had not liked! But at least he had that experience which could be bonding material.

But trying to guess what his superiors would be like was completely futile until he was stood in front of them and looked them in the eye … respectfully, of course.

“Lieutenant Vilyan?” The pilot called back. “We are entering transporter range.”

“Thank you!” he answered, his voice barely containing his excitement. “I’m ready.”

Luca Vilyan had done all he could not to gawk like a green cadet as he walked the corridors of the Ark Angel, passing other officers who moved with purpose and whose brief, polite greetings made the Lumerian all the more sure that this was a ship ran with skill and efficiency, and made a mental note and silent promise that as a department head he would embody those very traits … hopefully.

His first stop was his quarters, as he wasn’t going to start his time here carrying his belongings to his check ins and such! He was quite sure the Commodore didn’t need to see his collections of unusual looking crystals he had collected over the years, and the First Officer probably wouldn’t be keen on a shirt made for him by his old friends at the Academy that sported the words ‘Best Kisser’ (oh, the irony!), so after he spent a brief moment grinning inanely at the quarters that were the best he had ever had, he headed out to make his presence known by being very present.

Department heads didn’t strictly need to report to the commanding or executive officer for duty in person; that could be done with the slap of a comm badge, but Luca would be working personally with both parties and he wanted to meet them and find out who they were and (hopefully) make a good enough impression that his time here would be all the more smoother.

Of course, he had had to decide who he would be bothering first; the CO or the XO. Since he could think of so many reasons to pick one or the other, he had simply decided to mentally flip a coin and it had landed on Lieutenant Commander Dirida (he was sure she would have been thrilled to know that).

He arrived at her office and, after a deep breath and a silent prayer to old Lumerian deities he didn’t believe in, he pressed the buzzer and waited to see what would occur when he met the superior he would most likely be working most closely with.

What would he find when he met Lieutenant Commander Masi Dirida?

Lt. Vilyan

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