CNS office - Calling V'alura Belmont

Posted Nov. 11, 2021, 10:03 a.m. by Lieutenant Luca Vilyan (Chief Counseling Officer) (Alex Lorien)

=^= Computer; raise lighting slightly. =^= The light in the counselling suite brightened a little.

Vilya was stood, circling his temple with his index finger (something Lumerians did when thinking idly, but he had to be careful as this could sometimes come across as him looking irritated or chagrined). ‘Too bright.’ he thought. But as he was about to order the lighting back down again, a chirp cut through his playing with luminosity.

=^= Five minutes until the end of lunch time designation. =^= This was not a standard alarm the ship’s computer imposed on everyone, but one he employed now and then as he knew how he could get very easily lost in something; his time at the Academy and the various forms of punishments had not knocked the ‘being late’ out of him, but they had make sure he had the helpful computer doing the work of that particular cognitive process.

‘Already?’ He thought, glancing over at the small, untouched meal on the desk.

Luca trotted over and took a seat, reaching for the meal and taking some hasty bites. He tapped at the console bringing up the crew’s roster. ‘Who shall I inconvenience today?’ he said, knowing find well what reactions summons to the Ship’s Counsellor’s office elicited: anything from an eye roll to outright snapped protestations.

Well, he supposed it was only fair to torture those the bosses before moving down and with that he pressed at the console to open ship’s comms. =^= Lieutenant Belmont, please report to the Counselling Suites; if you are unable to do so within the next hour, please make an appointment to do so at your earliest convenience. =^=

Lt. Vilyan

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