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=^= Computer; raise lighting slightly. =^= The light in the counselling suite brightened a little.

Vilya was stood, circling his temple with his index finger (something Lumerians did when thinking idly, but he had to be careful as this could sometimes come across as him looking irritated or chagrined). ‘Too bright.’ he thought. But as he was about to order the lighting back down again, a chirp cut through his playing with luminosity.

=^= Five minutes until the end of lunch time designation. =^= This was not a standard alarm the ship’s computer imposed on everyone, but one he employed now and then as he knew how he could get very easily lost in something; his time at the Academy and the various forms of punishments had not knocked the ‘being late’ out of him, but they had make sure he had the helpful computer doing the work of that particular cognitive process.

‘Already?’ He thought, glancing over at the small, untouched meal on the desk.

Luca trotted over and took a seat, reaching for the meal and taking some hasty bites. He tapped at the console bringing up the crew’s roster. ‘Who shall I inconvenience today?’ he said, knowing find well what reactions summons to the Ship’s Counsellor’s office elicited: anything from an eye roll to outright snapped protestations.

Well, he supposed it was only fair to torture those the bosses before moving down and with that he pressed at the console to open ship’s comms. =^= Lieutenant Belmont, please report to the Counselling Suites; if you are unable to do so within the next hour, please make an appointment to do so at your earliest convenience. =^=

Lt. Vilyan

“Lieutenant Belmont!”

“Ack!” V’alura jumped, going from slouched over a console to standing ramrod straight within three microseconds. Please no, she thought, not again! Though her work was not time sensitive she really needed to finish this lab analysis. There was no shaking these people. They were like a pack of dogs circling a tasty morsel of meat guarded by an electric fence. Just keep letting them down gently and eventually they’ll get the message She took a second to compose herself, then compose her expression: a look of soft patience underlined with cold, hard steel. Expression in place, she turned to properly address the excited Ensign.

“Ensign Arkam,” V’alura said, “To what do I owe the pleasure?”

The Ensign eagerly thrust a PaDD towards V’alura, “I swear I’m not here to bother you about the club,” He said in a rush, “But we’re going to put on our first performance! Shakespeare, I mean, a Shakespeare play. Much Ado About Nothing! I’d love it, I mean, the club would love it if you’d be at our first performance. We’ve even scheduled it so the first performance begins after your shift!”

This would be precious if these people hadn’t already hounded me for weeks already. Which, okay, was a bit unfair to them. The members of the AAAT (Ark Angel Amateur Theater) were so enthusiastic about theater and acting, of course they would reach out to her. It wasn’t every day that a former award-wining professional actress joined the crew. Anyone would think an actress would love to join an acting club. Except, V’alura didn’t want to act. There was a line between her career as an actress and her career in Starfleet. A long, heavy line loaded with barbed wire and hidden mines. And she couldn’t explain why, not to them, people with fires in their eyes and passion in their hearts. It was too personal (too much pain still). So. . . she gently but firmly turned them down with sad smile and a light apology.

“W-well?” Ensign Arkam’s hands shook a little, and V’alura had to make a choice. But before she could decide anything, the voice of the CNS cut in like an unexpected dance partner.

=^= Lieutenant Belmont, please report to the Counselling Suites; if you are unable to do so within the next hour, please make an appointment to do so at your earliest convenience. =^=

Thank the sweet merciful heavens above. “Oh! I better go see what the CNS wants from me.” She flashed the Ensign a hesitant smile, and leaned forward to take mental note of the PaDDs contents. “Ask me again later, okay? But I should really go and see. Could be important.” V’alura stunned the En with a brilliant smile then made her escape down the hall and into the nearest turbolift. There, she leaned against the wall and sighed. I really should get them an answer quick. . . Perhaps it’s something she could discuss with the new CNS. She’d actually been meaning to connect with him. V’alura had a feeling she’ll be gracing his office quite a bit.

In no time flat the tubolift brought her to the right deck and V’alura stepped out into the hall, and headed straight for the CNS office. Before hitting the door chime, she checked her reflection in the blank, black screen of a console. Not out of any vain desire, but to ensure her hair was in place and she hadn’t smudged the light make-up she wore during shifts. Her appearance in order, V’alura announced her presense. “V’alura Belmont, reporting in,”

Lt. Jgr. Belmont, CSO

OOC: That made me almost spit coffee down my laptop! Thank you!

IC: It was as if Luca Vilyan could be forgiven for forgetting that it was less than 15 minutes prior that he had sent out his summons/invitation to the Chief Science Officer for, when his door chime chirped, he glanced across to it wondering who it might be! He supposed that it could be some member of the crew dropping in - during set hours he did have a ‘drop-in’ policy that any and all of the crew will have been notified of when he had released such information, and yet he was quite sure he had set this next stretch of time aside for badgering the department heads into visiting him!

It never occurred to him that one of them might actually come to his office, just had he had requested!

“Come in,” then Luca leapt to his feet as the face familiar from their personnel file appeared, and he almost lost all composure … almost. “Lieutenant Belmont!” his voice slightly on the higher side than normal. “You’re here!” he pointed out, rather unnecessarily as she probably already knew that “Because I asked if you would … be here … Please!” He exclaimed, mentally kicking himself so hard he was mildly shocked he didn’t have an aneurism right there and then. “Come in, please. And thank for your prompt …” he was going to say ‘reply’ but that seemed rather ridiculous, considering. “Thank you for coming. Take a seat, if you would.” He gathered himself, somewhat. “It is a pleasure to meet you, Lieutenant. I’m Counsellor Vilyan - or Luca, within these walls, if you wish - whatever makes your most comfortable, as I mind not a bit which you choose.”

He moved to the couch across from her. “This isn’t a psych evaluation or anyway, but I did want to meet the heads of department before I met the departments.” He smiled. “I’m afraid you drew first watch. Hopefully I am not pulling you away from anything too pressing?” It might have sounded like a question with only one acceptable response, had this been the XO or CO: ‘No, sir!’, but since he was neither and since he (hoped) that his face relayed that he was genuinely interested, he left it there for her to answer as she would and share what she would.

Lt. Vilyan

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