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Posted Nov. 21, 2021, 6:50 a.m. by Lieutenant Kyle Anders (Chief Of Security) (Kieron Hoult)

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Luca was just finishing typing in the message to the Chief of Security, when NE Kostoya made her observation:

“I think there might be a bit too much …” the junior counselling officer turned to face him with a look on her face that showed someone trying to be as diplomatic and honest (two things that didn’t always work hand-in-hand). “Well, sir … there’s an awful lot of plantlife.”

Luca pressed send on the message:

=^= Lieutenant Anders,

Please come to the Counselling Suites during drop in hours and ask for the Chief of Counselling. I wish to become better acquainted with the department heads but assure you this is not an evaluation.

That said I would rather we meet before an evaluation is due! But please do no not let me intrude on any vital business.

No appointment necessary.

Lieutenant Vilvan
Chief of Counselling =^=

When it was sent, the Lumerian looked around Counselling Suite One and slumped back in his seat with a despondent sigh. “You’re right,” he said, his hand going to his temple in the way his people self-soothed when they felt stressed. “I was going for peaceful and have now turned the place into jungle.” He got to his feet. “Suggestions? How many plants should I remove? I was thinking … those two.” He pointed to two rather large Lumerian plants that sported large gold flowers.

NE Kostoya nodded her head, and then: “I was thinking maybe removing those two and maybe these … and these … and maybe that one … and …”

Luca groaned. “Will this end up with my single table plant, perhaps?”

She regarded said plant for a moment, before looking back at him with eyes radiating awkwardness. “Well, sir; if you really like that one then I guess … sure!”

“Fine!” Luca conceded, with the hit of petulance creeping into his voice. “I suppose we can get rid of the plants and just leave the rock fountain!”

Kostoya looked across at the piece in question; a beautiful structure of blue-grey stones that near touched the ceiling and from which water trickled down all the way to a small pond at the bottom, in which small blue fish darted this way about that. “About that, sir …”

An hour later Luca sat in an office that was devoid of said fountain, and almost all the foliage. Despite a begrudgingly agreeing (this he did mainly to himself; to Kostoya he had complained … at length) that the suite looked better now it was not so densely packed, he was also determined to find a way to put his stamp on it. While any counsellor might use suite one, it was generally agreed to be the Chief of Counselling’s domain, and aside from two beautiful pictures of some of favourite places from back home, it felt much to impersonal for his tastes.

But Luca supposed he would be able to tell just how relaxing the place would be by the reception of the crew he intended to listen to, advise and treat would respond.

He had decided to use messages for the department heads rather than summon them over a voice communication, hoping that this would make them less likely to feel they had to come right away. Though he was happy with the last batch of evaluations and thought a new round seemed premature, he would still like to get to know who he would be working alongside.

Besides; crew evaluations with the XO would be a lot easier if he knew the people’s whose fate (in terms of promotions, that is) could be in his hands.

Lt. Vilyan

Lieutenant Kyle Anders was just putting the last of his packing away when his desk console gave a light trill sound. Taking a moment to place a holoimage of the Anders family when Kyle was younger, the young Security chief took a seat as his desk and activated the panel to read the message from Lieutenant Luca Vilyan, the Arkangel‘s new Counsellor. It had been a couple of hours now since Kyle’s meeting with the XO, so he decided now was probably a good time to get the rest of his meetings underway. Rising from his desk, he took one last look at his quarters and grinned to himself; Kyle felt as though he was settling in already.


Kyle adjusted himself briefly in the reflection of the door panel before hitting the chime and crossing into the room, “Afternoon Counsellor, Lieutenant Kyle Anders at your service.” He extended a hand.

-Lieutenant Kyle Anders: Chief of Security-



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