Main Sim - 1 Week Later - Arrival To The Barrens

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“The Ark Angel is a big ship, if they haven’t seen us now I don’t believe blinking at them will help either” Ella said in her all to Elasian tone. “All evidence is pointing towards them not knowing we are here, unless someone is looking in our direction the exact time we signal them and understand morse code, the odds are more slim than this being a ‘honey trap’” Ella’s tones wasn’t condescending nor aggressive, she was simply stating the scientific facts behind what had happened so far, and while the idea had some merit to it Ella couldn’t see it working, “However there is no harm in trying, I may be proven wrong.” She finally said remaining diplomatic.

  • Lt JG Ella Lokaa, Science Officee

As they were discussing this there finally seemed to be some kind of response from the Synthesis, =/\= This is Captain Damdrine of the SS Synthesis of the United Federation of Planets. I am not sure what you are referring too with us sending out a distress call, Captain Andone. We have done no such thing. =/\= He replied.

Drudoc raised an eyebrow at the visual on the screen of the old ship, before replying. =/\= Captain Damdrine, so you may claim but we have intercepted just such a call. There is also the fact you have your shields and weapons raised and armed. Which with all due respect is a bit odd to us. =/\= Andone said.

There was a faint chuckle from Damdrine on the other end. =/\= Ah you caught us during a system’s experiment. We were testing to see how this area of space affected our shields and weapons. I must ask though, your signal is on the UFP’s frequency band, though your ship does not appear like any on the design boards not to mention in size. =/\= He said.

Drudoc considered how to reply to this. =/\= Captain Damdrine, we are from the UFP as well. There appears to be though strange forces at work here within the Barrens. We suspect there may have been a temporal anomaly of some sort at play, though we’ve yet to detect such as of yet. =/\= Drudoc said.

=/\= A temporal anomaly? The Vulcan Science Directorate would tell you temporal travel doesn’t exist. =/\= There was another chuckle. =/\= Frankly I don’t know much about such things myself, but I can say we’ve only been in this region of space for about a week now, and experienced no distressing issues or problems, much less strange anomalies. =/\= He said.

Drudoc frowned, this was getting odder and odder to her. =/\= I see Captain, then it would seem we have a deeper mystery on our hands then either of us may first realize. For us it is much further into the future then what I suspect you believe it to be. =/\= She said.

=/\= I guess, what do you suppose we should do about it? =/\= He replied.

=/\= I would like to send a shuttle over to your ship, with a few of my staff to assess the situation, being able to examine your ship for temporal anomalies or signs of the computer issue that had you send out a distress call you have yet to do that drew us here could help narrow down what is going on. =/\= She asked.

There was a pause and a murmur of someone else in the background likely one of the other Synthesis bridge staff saying something that the comms didn’t pick up. =/\= I see no problem with that, we’ll lower our shields and weapons and accept your shuttle party, say in 20 minutes? =/\= He asked.

=/\= This sounds fair, I’ll get a team together and signal you when they’re on approach, Andone out. =/\= She said closing the channel.

A second later the Synthesis’s shields dropped and weapons powered down, “..Thoughts?” She asked inquiring about the exchange. “..It seems to me it is possible they were running system tests when we came upon them to see how the Barrens would affect their shields and weapons..” She said.

Drudoc Andone CO

Ella considered for a moment, “From a science perspective this is amazing. Being closer to the anomaly or having actually caused it intentionally or unintentionally they will have a lot more data than we will. My biggest concern is if this temporal force is still at play and we are at ourselves in danger, my theory is that their time is moving slower than what we are perceiving it; thus we received a distress signal they haven’t sent yet and why they took so long to respond. The temporal interference could mean we are speaking to ghosts or worst the main event has yet to occur. We would need to run more scans to be sure sir.”

  • Ella Lokaa, Science Officer

Drudoc nodded, to Ella’s reply, then turned to the XO, “..Commander, take Lt Anders, Lt Miz’uki, Lt Belmont and anyone else you think you’ll need over in a shuttle. Try to keep vague about the current date of time, unless you feel the need is urgent and would help solve this mystery..” She said.

“Right Captain.” Masi said as she stood up.

Turning then to Ella, Vilyan, and Lis, “..Ensign Lis and Lt Vilyan, Lt Lokaa, head down to the temporal studies lab, begin in depth scans of the region for any temporal anomalies or effects. I also want you two and the staff to do a more indepth review of the distress call log, time stamps, environment effects of the bridge in the background, audio effects picked up etc, anything which could provide clues for the away team.” She said. “..Also look in-depth to the Synthesis current crew state and our own on scans, maybe something in the region could be affecting things in a mental perspective.” She added

Turning to Lt Anders then, “..Lt Anders, I want Ensign Logan up here for a mission update, and to main security functions while you’re gone.” She said.

”..Questions? If not then let’s get to work solving this mystery.” She said.

GM CockRoach / Drudoc Andone CO

Ella nodded before verbally communicating her response, “Yes Maam” She quickly guided her hand across her console and set it into standby mode but not before she transferred the information gathered to the temporal studies lab. Ella had done some work there previously, using the computer and running different simulations published by Starfleets Science Division. Standing up she nodded about before making her way to the lab.

  • Lt JG Ella Lokka, Science Officer

Masi nodded to each indicated member of her team and motioned for them to head to the turbolift.


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