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Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade V’alura Belmont (Chief Science Officer) in Side-Sim - Science Labs - What In the DNA?
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“Computer, replay the recording from the start.” The computer wound back time within the holo-display. V’alura waited until their suspect picked up the sample. “Pause. Look at the slight distortion to the recording. Someone created a filter and either installed it to the recording program or activated it when they needed to access the sample. It’s not difficult to do, but it does take some technical know-how. It’s subtle enough that the casual observer wouldn’t notice the filter. If you look we can’t quite make out the faces of any one else in the room.”

Lt. Jg. Belmont (CSO)

“Well, that unfortunately rules out Dr. Velkal,” Demil said after punching a couple things into his PADD. “She doesn’t have the know-how to do that. Quloxia, on the other hand, is married to an engineer, and Dr. Singh has access to the system and could have tampered with it after the fact.”

Right then, the doors hissed open. Dr. Singh stepped into the room, as Demil quickly shut off the footage. “Oh, hello Lieutenant Belmont, Ensign,” he said. “What brings you to my lab?”

Ens. Lis

V’alura flashed a smile to Dr. Singh, perfectly composed and relaxed as though this were a normal day and she was on her rounds around the various labs of the Ark Angel. It was as easy as slipping into the role of a character and following a script. “Ensign Lis and I were discussing ideas for new experiments for the biology lab. Such as the connection between linguistic ability and genetics. It’s interesting stuff and worth looking into. What you think?”

Lt. Jg. Belmont (CSO)

Singh visibly relaxed. “Oh, yes. Sounds fascinating. Anyways, I just needed to grab something before I go off-duty.” He moved to push past V’alura, towards the samples, but Demil shifted into his path surreptitiously.

Ens. Lis

V’alura shifted slightly as well, and given that she was a six foot tall Amazon of a woman and Dr. Singh came up to her chin she wouldn’t so easily be moved aside. “Taking work home, Dr. Singh?” V’alura lightly teased. It was well-known that she was a compassionate and kind woman with slight motherly tendencies. “You’re supposed to be relaxing when you go off shift.” Her expression softened, “I know how hard you work for the biology lab, doctor. Let me take care of it so you can get back to your family all the faster.”

Lt. Jg. Belmont, CSO

“Oh, it’s no worry, ma’am. It shouldn’t take me long, and it would honestly take longer to give you the details to do it than for me just to take it and do it,” he said, trying again to slip past.

Dr. Singh (Ens. Lis / Amdirgol)

V’alura held her ground, seemingly oblivious of Dr. Singh’s attempts to get past. “Details like the progression of cell growth within the C-11 Biosynthesis Gel and the retrograde of of the 12th and 14th DNA markers? Or is this about the study of V-wave radiation and its affect on cell structure?” She said, quickly summarizing the two proper experiments for those samples. “I think I know the details, doctor. If there were new details, well, then I’d have some questions.” Like, why wasn’t she informed about a new experiment for those cell samples.

Lt. Jg. Belmont, CSO

“Oh, no, it’s just a new project I haven’t gotten the report on in yet. There’s no need to worry.” He tried once again to slip past. While Singh was distracted, Demil grabbed the sample and swapped in a fake.

Ens. Lis / Dr. Singh

“Be sure that you get the report to me soon.” V’alura said, finally letting the man slip past her. She watched him take his sample, unsure what to make of this encounter. As the department head for the biology lab he was able to begin experiments as he saw fit but she couldn’t dismiss his strange behavior or his initial reaction to finding V’alura and Demil in the otherwise empty lab. “Don’t work too hard,” She told the doctor before he left.

And once Dr. Singh was out of sight, and the doors closed behind him, she sighed heavily. “What did you think of that En?”

Lt. Jg. Belmont, CSO

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