Side-Sim Fantasy Awaits! Building a Holodeck World! (open)

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V’alura loved her science team. When making her rounds about the science labs, picking her scientists’ minds for new holodeck ideas, Ensign Demil mentioned a hundred page document about his fantasy world. Bless her scientists’ nerdy hearts. V’alura asked the Ensign to send her a copy then to meet her in 17/18 Forward at 2000. In the time in-between, V’alura got the word around the labs and the other decks about their epic brain storming session. Some people have asked how she did it. That being, her ability to spread the word of social events or gatherings through word of mouth and without electronic communications. V’alura would smile and say, “A woman must have some secrets.” And leave it at that.

Either way, the word was out. Anyone interested in contributing to the fantasy program simply had to show up, or send her a message. A handful of her colleagues from the cybernetics lab were there and establishing the groundwork for the holodeck program. V’alura tapped away at her own PaDD, organizing her major contribution to the fantasy world: a magic system allowing them to perform magical spells while within the program. After all, what kind of fantasy program would it be if they weren’t allowed the option of immolating their enemies via fire ball spells? It would be a sub-standard fantasy program is what it would be. And she was V’alura Belmont, the greatest holodeck programmer in the galaxy*.

Lt. Jgr. Belmont (CSO)

  • Due to the lack of accreditation or peer review board for holodeck programs, V’alura cannot submit a request to be recognized as the greatest holodeck programmer currently alive.

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At the designated time two young teens showed up to peer into the prepped holodeck. One was Tel’eck Andone the Captain’s daughter, the other her friend Mesha a human girl of similar age as the half-human/romulan girl being 13 or so.

”..Hey um…we heard something about a holodeck setup? Anything we could do to help?” Tel’eck asked.

GM CockRoach

V’alura smiled at the two girls and motioned towards the empty seats at their table, “Hey, there! Extra hands are always welcome. We’re currently in the planning phase, figuring out what we want to include and what people are interested in. We could use more hands on the program side or the creative side. This is going to be a fantasy world so the sky’s the limit on the creative side!”

“I would also like to help, I have some experience in hologram programming… My teenage nerdy hobby.” Lieutenant Pucci laughed, scratching the back of his head.

Lt j.g. Enrico Pucci (COS)

She flashed another smile towards Enrico, “No judgement here, so embrace your inner teenage nerd. Calhoun and Prefect here are in charge of the basic coding,” She motioned towards to science NEs busy typing on their coding PaDDs. The two waved to Enrico and could get him caught up on their work and what needs doing.” This was great! They’re starting to get quite the turn-out. She’ll wait a little longer before kicking off their brainstorming session proper.

Lt. J.g. Belmont (CSO)

At exactly 0800 hours and 30 seconds, Demil rushed in. In his hand was, as promised, the document. He said “I apologize for being late. I misestimated how long it would take to copy this.”

Ens. Lis.

And with the arrival of Demil and a few others V’alura stood and got everyone’s attention, “Alright! Let’s get this meeting officially started. Demil has created for us the basis of our fantasy world, and the town that the sim will center upon. There are three major areas of construction. First, the foundation code. This is a big project and we need to make sure our foundation is solid. I will take care of the sim A.I. but I need people to build and test the world generation, the quests system and the program memory. We want to make the world change and adapt as we do our adventures! This is the biggest aspect of the project so make sure everyone involved here is communicating with everyone else.

“The second area is the various sub-systems! In addition to the A.I. coding, I’ve created a functioning magic system. It’s based around runes and by creating or combining runes we will be able to cast spells in the sim. We’ll need other sub-systems for items, an economy, and a leveling and class system. Kinda like those roleplaying games. Nothing too crazy, but I think it’ll make the sim more fun!

“Lastly, we have the fantasy world itself. Demil has done wonderful work laying the foundation of the world and its language but there’s still room for personal touches or other additions! Especially with our npcs! We can create shop owners, guards, barkeeps, any one we’d like to populate the world! Or perhaps some fantastic animals and monsters? Lots to do. Now, does anyone have any questions?”

Lt. J.g. Belmont (CSO)


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Excitement coursed through her as she checked and double checked the simulation was working. She’d spent the past few weeks going over the data (yes she was a data junky) even sometimes turning up late for work and disappearing during her shift to tweak whenever she had a moment of inspiration. Mostly the work ad already been done Demil had laid the foundation and she’d just enhanced the AI and graphic imagery. Computer Science especially Artificial intelligence was Ella’s ‘thing’ and she did it well.

The AI originally, or seemingly so , worked on user input and while was able to sustain the status que Ella had given it life by integrating it with similar learning software Starfleets emergency holograms had. She’d created a an AI which was self sustaining and able to expand its own growth (to the limit of the programing she gave it of course, can’t have no AI taking over the ship accidently. though it would be cool)

She’d started the simulation small, at the very first stages of life on the planet and slowly as lifeforms evolved so did the AI until finally it was at a stage that she felt it equalled Demils image of his curated culture. Everything matched the data She’d been given by him, apart from her little cottage on the outskirt of town. The greatest thing was the simulation could be visually observed on a scaled down version or within the holodeck itself. It wasn’t perfect by any means but no culture or program was.

She was now just waiting for Demil to arrive, Ella had sent him an invite earlier that day .

  • Lt JG Ella Lokaa, Science Officer.

At exactly the time specified on the invite, Demil walked through the doors - and promptly stopped and looked around, his eyes going wide as he recognized the creation. He looked over at Ella with a questioning look. “Wha…Why…How?”

Ens. Lis

Ella took a moment to assess his reaction, though she couldn’t gather whether it was good or not, “What is your simulation, Why is because it was an idea deserving of my attention, and how because I’m really good with artificial intelligence and I just used the same program, well similar program with a few tweaks to the emergency medical program we use.” She looked at his expression and she felt saddened, “You don’t like it?” Her own expression was sad, she just hoped to impress him and give him something to enjoy.

  • Ella Lokaa


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