Side Sim - Deck 18 Recreation Hall - Girls Party Night!

Posted Nov. 29, 2021, 5:42 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade V'alura Belmont (Chief Science Officer) (Abigail G)

Posted by Commodore Drudoc Andone (Commanding Officer) in Side Sim - Deck 18 Recreation Hall - Girls Party Night!
It was 1900 hours in the evening, and within Deck 18’s Recreation Hall, Tel’eck Andone and several other of the ship’s teenage girl population had commandeered the entire area devoted for the hall’s pool and beverage bar area. They had gone a step further and setup candles, scented oils of a relaxing nature in the air, and all the other girly accompaniments one could expect for teens in the late 24th century. In short it was a total area given over for socializing, girly gossip, finger and toe painting, and binge watching the latest holo-flick/show for the evening.

Of course such an event wouldn’t just be able to be for the teens, nor would news of it not get out to the more regular populace. While it was implied it was only for the ‘cool hip youth’ of the ship, nothing would stop anyone crashing the girl’s night party long as they ‘followed the rules of edict for been a ‘cool’ teenager’ as one of the girls put it in passing.

GM CockRoach

The science department was composed of some of the biggest gossips on the ship rivaled only by the engineering department. So of course word of a girly-girl’s party complete with all the teenage fixings would reach V’alura’s ears. It brought back memories of her own teenager years, rife with rodeo, acting and an inordinate amount of sleepovers with her bestie. Her teenage years were also the height of her pink phase, a time in her life when she wore nothing but pink. Pink makeup, pink clothes, pink accessories! Even as she matured and phased out of that phase she never lost her love for girlie things.

V’alura quickly wrapped up her work for the day and raced back to her quarters. She changed into a comfortable set of black track pants and her favorite fluffy purple sweater, then grabbed her giant make-up bag and the PaDD that held all her favorite holovids. With these humble offerings in hand, she made her way to the recreation hall. These girls are something else! She thought, happily, taking in all the decor the girls set up to set the ambiance for the evening.

“Hey, girls!” V’alura called out, giddy with excitement, “I heard there’s a girl’s night going on. I’ve brought offerings of make-up and movies.” And indeed her makeup bag was thoroughly impressive: chock full of fancy, non-replicated brands only purchasable on Earth. “I humbly request permission to join this lovely party.”

V’alura Belmont

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