Time for a Check Up (Tag Ensign Logan)

Posted Nov. 30, 2021, 10:11 a.m. by Lieutenant Kyle Anders (Chief Of Security) (Kieron Hoult)

Posted by Lieutenant Kyle Anders (Chief Of Security) in Time for a Check Up (Tag Ensign Logan)
On the morning of his second day aboard the ArkAngel, Lieutenant Kyle Anders rose and replicated himself a strong latte. He had enjoyed his first night, getting to know the Sec officers under his command, as well as trying to get to know some of the senior staff. Anders was most intrigued by his new ship’s captain, Drudoc Andone. Over the course of his time at the Academy, Kyle had heard several rumours about the Romulan; from defection to being an undercover operative for Starfleet Intelligence the entire length of his career thus far. As much as Kyle did not like to give in to speculation or rumours, the drama of having a Commanding Officer from a species that had become known for deceit held an untold level of intrigue…

The young Englishman found himself back in the room when a set of trills sounded from the PADD on his desk. Sitting back at the chair, he had a quick scan and grinned, “Time to get checked up, methinks.” He rose, straightening his uniform jacket and strode out into the corridor. An idea crossed over Anders’ mind and he tapped his combadge, “=^= Anders to Ensign Logan, are you free at the moment? =^=”

-Lieutenant Kyle Anders: Chief of Security-



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