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Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Ella Lokaa (Scientist) in Departmental Head check in

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade V’alura Belmont (Chief Science Officer) in Departmental Head check in
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Ella, refreshingly surprised and elated from the back off her appointment with the counsellor was certainly looking at her surroundings with a little less red. Though everything was still the same, new ship, new crew, people gawking at her like the new toy to play with but her mood had shifted and she felt lighter on her feet which carried her towards the science labs where she hoped to keep up the good mood when meeting her new departmental head.

Entering the main science lab she looked around, it wasn’t so busy she couldn’t think but people milled about going about their daily routines, one thing she liked about scientists was that they usually never paid anyone particularly her too much attention. Which for someone who usually was used to being looked at was another refreshing quality about being a science officer. Continuing her search for Lieutenant V’alura Belmont Ella smiled and greeted her new peer group.

  • Lt JG Ella Lokaa, Science Officer

Ella didn’t have to search for long. V’alura stood in science lab one, pouring over test results while taking notes on her PaDD. Upon hearing Ella’s approach she glanced up, then properly look up to smile at Ella, “Hello!” V’alura greeted, her voice full of warmth. There was a slight accent to her words, a faint twang reminiscent of a western American accent. “You must be our newest officer. I’m sure you know this already but I’m Lt. V’alura Belmont. It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance!”

“And to you too Lieutenant, I am Ella Looka,” She explained with a smile and a slight wave “And yes, I’d be silly not to do some research on the person I’d be working for before coming aboard the ship, its good to finally meet you. I’ve read some good things.” Ella looked and guessed she was pouring over some results, results Ella would eventually be too pouring over once she set out to work.

Once pleasantries were said and done, V’alura motioned towards her office door. “Let’s head into my office, you hungry at all? Thirsty?” Her office was long and rectangular, curved slightly with the shape of the ship and extended to either side of the door. A large window lay across from the front door and below it an open storage container overloaded with spare computer parts and broken PaDDs. The right side of the room was a dedicated lab complete with table, sink, emergency kits and various consoles displaying pages of complex computer code or running simulations.

Ella really couldn’t believe the size of the ship, and how the other half lived. Maybe one day she’d get her own office with all the pleasantries, there was probably a direct transporter link to her quarters somewhere in this private suite. “No thankyou, I have just eaten with the chief counsellor.” She explained, in fact she’d done a lot more and spent the past few hours walking around, talking and eventually grabbing a bite to eat.

To the left was V’alura’s desk settled against the right-side wall and the under a glass window that revealed the science suit on the other side. There was a replicator set into the wall behind the desk, next to it a framed vintage movie poster. The left hand corner displayed a wide twenty gallon tank home to a fiery red beta fish. Inside his tank a miniature volcano whose top just poked out of the water line. Small albino shrimp and plain fish darted about, avoiding their flashy tank mate. Originally she wanted to put one of her pet tarantulas into the office but given the high percentage of arachnophobia amongst her scientists. . . a fish was the better option.

Her desk held her personal console, a dozen PaDDs, and a framed picture of herself with her human mother. V’alura fiddled with the replicator, creating a glass of tea for herself, then whatever item Ella may have requested.

Lt JG V’alura Belmont, CSO

“Your office, is bigger than my quarters.” Ella exclaimed as she watched the fish in the tank, she’d have to get some fish of her own she mused making a mental note to replicate the things she needed. Her attention moved to the vintage movie poster, she didn’t recognise its reference but it looked like something she might be interested in. “I wonder if you have done your own research, on me ma’am?” She asked curiously wondering how much her new boss knew about her social traits finally rounding back and standing at an awkward at ease pose.

  • Lt JG Ella Lokaa, Science Officer

“Of course,” V’alura answered cheerily, pulling a PaDD seemingly at random from the assortment scattered across her desk. The screen flashed to life, revealing Ella’s personnel file. “Though personnel files have just about everything you could know about a person, it’s a bit cold. You know?” V’alura smiled comfortingly, and spoke with encouragement, “I could read everything about you, but nothing beats hearing it come from yourself. So, tell me all about you, Ella.” V’alura paused, as though just remembering something, “Right, is it okay if I call you Ella? You can call me V’alura if you’d like.” Rank and titles could be so stuffy. V’alura tried to avoid them whenever possible.

Lt JG V’alura Belmont, CSO

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“Ella is acceptable it was after all the name given to me by my mother.” She replied, “I was born and raised on Elas which if you may or may not know was first discovered about the year 2268 when my people and the Troysians paved a way for mutual destruction. One of your Captains, Kirk oversaw the exchange since then our people have been observant though wary of the federation. As the years went by younger generations of Elasians, myself included wondered what life away from Elas would be like. It wasn’t exactly accepted when the movement began which has led to some tension and infighting between the older more traditional families such as my mothers and the younger families. I eventually decided to leave Elas and join Starfleet, though I am not the first I am the first to actually make it past the first year of the academy. While we younger Elasians may be more enlightened we still hold many of our people’s negatives traits and of course, we will never get rid of our most identifying feature.” Ella left the comment to linger between the woman, she wanted to see just how much if any knowledge the chief science officer had about Elasian Biology or in this case chemistry.

  • Lt JG Ella Lokaa, Science Officer

V’alura nodded along as, Ella spoke, giving the young woman her full attention. Prior to this meeting, V’alura vaguely knew about the Elasians. Mostly what was discussed in her history of starfleet classes back at the academy. So, when she received notice of a new science officer V’alura looked not only into Ella’s background, but into Elasians in general. They were a fascinating people with a frankly terrifying ability. I’d take a Vulcan Mind Meld over that any day. V’alura leaned back in her chair and folded her hands across her lap, “Your tearful ability, you mean,” She said, answering the unspoken question left before her.

She nodded, “My tearful ability is correct.” Ella braced herself what was about to come next. She’d heard it all before stay away from the men, don’t cry in public, control your emotions or her favourite why are you here. It wasn’t their fault, though she didn’t affect woman the same way as men she did however cause them to become controlling or at least intimidated by her. So the next words were a shock to the Elasian.

“I think you’re quite brave.” She said, smiling, “Bucking tradition and long-held views to forge your own path and find your own values. It’s not easy to go against culture or the genetics of our species. You’ve found your footing and pushed through the hardship and now your efforts have been rewarded.” V’alura’s expression shifted, her easy demeanor shifting to a more serious look. “And I’ll tell you this, in my department no individual’s merit or ability is based upon their race or culture. No one in these labs should ever treat you differently for any aspect of yourself, nor should they ever speak about your or to you with ignorance.”

Ella hoped her expressions didn’t give away her shock, she’d heard everything up till now and here was this… person. She had to temper her emotions else the very thing they had just been discussing would happen.

She softened her expression, “It’s something I take quite seriously and I’m looking forward to adding your perspective and knowledge to this department.”

Lt JG V’alura Belmont, CSO

“Ur…” Speechless… Ella had never been… Speechless and suddenly she found herself growing an instant fondness to her new department head, “Thank you, I hope I can prove to you that I am worthy of your time.” Was all she could stutter as if she was talking to her mother back on Elas, in fact when her mother had made her heir that was the exact words she had used then too.

  • Lt JG Ella Lokaa, Science Officeer

It seemed V’alura’s words had a profound effect upon Ella. The young woman’s speechlessness certainly wasn’t lost to her. V’alura couldn’t help but feel a sense of profound sadness on the woman’s behalf. However she was treated before. . . that’ll change with her and her department. “I know you will,” V’alura assured. Some scientists on staff affectionately refer to V’alura as Science Mom and it doesn’t seem like that nickname will go away any time soon. “Let me know if there’s anything we can do to help you feel comfortable and welcome.”

Ella slowly coming out of her unusual response smiled, “Thank you I’ll be sure to remember that.” Her mother would be distraught to see how her daughter was handling the situation but Ella cherished her more human side especially when it made her feel more free and accepted.

V’alura gave Ella a moment to answer and to gather her thoughts before speaking again, “Why don’t you tell me more about your education? And what made you choose your chosen field?”

Lt JG V’alura Belmont, CSO

“Well…” Ella started pausing to think, “I very much enjoy the science behind artificial intelligence and how it can both improve and hinder our ability to do our jobs with that comes computer science so it was only natural that I would study formal science as a whole. Once I started studying I found I also loved looking for patterns and analysing data and statistics.” She chuckled, “My people are not very scientific and every part of me wanted to conform and become a security officer as my initial assessments suggested but I wanted to do something different. Like leaving Elas was different and so why cant someone from a barbaric warrior race become a scientist. I guess in short I’m trying to push the boundaries of the preconceptions people have of Elasians.”

  • Lt JG Ella Lokaa, Science Officer

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