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Posted Aug. 10, 2022, 2:36 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Katherine (Katie) Hobbes (Chief Engineering Officer) (S. Kimmel)

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Inside the box were a series of gifts carefully packaged to avoid damage or falling over. The first was a tiny plant that while only 3 inches in height already gave off a wonderful scent to Katie’s nose which seemed only capable of being matched by an open air planet. It was in a tiny pot which had a small side box with about 4 oz of water capacity. As she took it out the robot spoke again, =/\= Beep Boop, that is a hybrid plant from a terran bamboo palm, crossbred with an andorian ice rose. It only needs its 4 oz water container filled once a week. It will purify much of the air in your office, and release a refreshing scented byproduct that will smell ‘cool’ to the senses and far more ‘clean’ then the usual recycled air. Its full growth will not be much bigger then 4-5 inches so you should not need to change potters. Boop beep =/\= It said.

The next item was a small plastic clear box. Inside it was a orange colored.....blob? When she would open the storage box she was hit by a lightly citrus scented smell when she would touch or apply pressures to the blob inside, the smell it seems helped her feel a bit more relaxed, =/\= Beep Beep, this is an organic gel, it has a citrus scent when pushed on that releases a small calming effect on your organic minds. It can also be used as a stress release squeeze ball. Boop Beep =/\= It explained.

The last item inside was a palm sized device with a silver body coating. As she took it out she could see tiny extensions for tiny manipulations of circuits and such. On the other end was a small button which when pressed provided an illumination to come forth. There was a small belt hook on the side as well which would let her easily attach it to a work belt or such. =/\= Boop boop, the last is what this unit terms a multi-purpose tool. It has six flip out manipulator sensors or pin attachments to read most commonly known deuteronic and isolinear chip circuitry then provide a link to an engineering tricorder or PADD on the circuits flow, or general status. The opposite end provides an emergency illumination light able to be powered for up to 2/hrs before its internal energy cell needs recharging for 5 minutes. Beep beep =/\= it said.

GM CockRoach

Of all the items unit 002A had given her, it was the circuit manipulator was the one she was most interested in. The others were very nice but this one had potential to be particularly useful. She did, however, try to not show particular favoritism toward one gift over the others.

“Thank you, helper unit 002A and relay my thanks to all of your people. These gifts will be well used and appreciated,” Katie said with a smile. She paused for a moment. “Perhaps, sometime as it is convenient, you could demonstrate the use of the circuit manipulator for me.”

=/\= Ltjg Katherine (Katie) Hobbes, CE

=/\= Beep Beep! Yes this uh unit would be pleased to do so for you. Would this Saturday at..=/\= There was a pause, as if whoever controlled and voiced the unit was checking something, =/\= ....say 1900 Hours in holosuite 1 be ok?=/\= It inquired.

GM CockRoach

Katie smiled. The pause in the robot’s response was far too long to be related to a calendar lookup. That was all the confirmation she needed to confirm the thought that the unit was not autonomous. The question that remained was whether whoever was behind this was playing a prank on her or not. If she assumed the “prank” was a gentle one then there was nothing to be lost by playing along with it.

“One second, helper unit 002A,” Katie said, She turned and called up the reservation list for holosuite 1. The listing showed that a reservation had just been made a few seconds ago but did not reveal who had made it. No matter. She would find out who the operator was then. She turned back to the robot. “My calendar is clear then so 1900 will be fine. I will see you then.”

=/\= Ltjg Katherine (Katie) Hobbes, CE

Katherine stood or rather leaned against the bulkhead outside Holodeck 1 waiting for helper unit 002A… or whoever was driving the bot… to show up. 1700 hours had come quickly but the wait for the other/others seemed to drag on forever. Perhaps the point of the prank was to see how long whoever could get her to wait. She shook her head. There was another possibility she had neglected. Perhaps whoever was already in the holodeck and was waiting for her.

“Computer. Is there a program running on the holodeck?”

“Engineering holodeck program 147B-001S is currently running.”

“Open the portal,” Katie said.

The holodeck door slid open revealing what appeared to be a perfect replica of the ship’s Engineering Control Center.

=/\= Ltjg Katherine (Katie) Hobbes, CE

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