New Engineer - The Old Bird

Posted Aug. 21, 2022, 5:21 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Katherine (Katie) Hobbes (Chief Engineering Officer) (S. Kimmel)

In his own way, Ark Angel’s new Engineering Chief Warrant Officer was a magnificent creature. Taller than most humans, the top of his head was not the highest part of his body. Like all Aurelians, ( the knuckle of his wings was several centimeters higher than his head. Like many of his species, he was covered with bright yellow feathers on most of his body other than his beak and his claws.

“Chief Anang. Request permission to come aboard,” he said and he handed the duty officer his PADD that contained his orders. The duty officer gave the cursory glance at the orders while Anang came as close to smiling as the structure of his face allowed. The “smile” was directed as much at Ltjg Hobbes who waited just beyond the immediate reception area as it was for the duty officer.

“Everything is in order here, Chief Anang. Permission granted. Welcome aboard the Ark Angel,” the duty officer said. He handed the PADD back to Anang. Katie had waited long enough. Stepping rapidly toward the old bird, she wrapped her arms around him. “And I believe we have someone here who can escort you to your quarters and duty station.”

“Lieutenant Hobbes,” Anang said as he unwrapped his arms and wings from around Katie. “You are just like your sister. You must also remember to display appropriate decorum.”

Katie stepped back and nodded but made attempt to hide her smile.

“Of course. I am very glad to see you,” Katie said.

“I was beginning to guess as much.”

“Jasmine said she was sending you to me,” Katie said. She glanced at the duty officer who was both smiling and pretending not to watch the reunion. “Your expertise will be a great help to us.”

“Your sister, Captain Jasmine Hobbes, sends her greetings and well wishes. She and the USS Phobos are doing well,” Anang said. He, too, glanced at the duty officer. “There is no news concerning Nickle.”

Katie’s smile may have faded a bit at the lack of news concerning her brother Nicholas. That was to be expected given that he had been ‘missing’ for three years.

“Come. Let me show you around the ship,” Katie said.

=/\= LtJg Katherine (Katie) Hobbes Chief Engineering Officer

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