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Once everyone had settled, Drudoc began the meeting, “..Alright folks lets get settled, Command has deemed us worthy of another assignment. This one hopefully will go more smoothly and be less threatening..” She said.

Inserting an isolinear chip a 3d Holo model of a six planetary system with a unique pair of G type stars on either end of the system popped up. “..This is system J17. An until now unexplored and unclaimed system beyond some survey probes from a decade ago. As you can see it has a quite rare occurrence of a binary star system. But unlike many others where they revolve around each other, in this system they are orbitally opposed and orbit around each other while three of each of the six planets orbit each sun. The inner most pair of planets are both Class M, the other four airless rocks with nothing so far of interest to note..” She said.

OOC: Moscow class Surveyor spec page is found here if you feel the need for reference,

”..About six months ago the USS Volgograd a Moscow class Surveyor on deep space assignment, picked up a flurry of high band energy emissions emitting from J17. There investigations found a humanoid species on the third planet that had somehow been missed during earlier probe surveys. Scan intercepts called them the Forseth. This species culturally and technologically is just entering an early industrial age of development comprised of six or so nation states world wide. However, by the time the Volgograd had arrived into the systems the energy emissions had vanished. With no further developments of interest they settled into an observing pattern of the Forseth for three weeks before resuming their deep space assignments..” She explained.

Removing the chip she inserted another showing a more recent holo outline of J17. This time the two G type stars were present but the third planet where the Forseth had been seen now was ringed with numerous inter-system space craft and probes. “..Upon the completion of their assignment the Volograd returned to the system less then a week ago, they were stunned to find that the Forseth it seems had rocketed from their early industrial age of development to a late nuclear and space age development. Based on this rapid development they entered a holding pattern to observe further. Two days ago they requested that Starfleet send a diplomatic team as they’re observations showed the Forseth were on the verge of warp travel, but no reasons could be devised on how they were advancing so quickly. Our orders are to relive the Volograd and take up observations, and if needed establish First Contact. We will be provided an Ambassadorial team and full diplomatic clearances on my orders to proceed if I see no issues..” she explained.

”..Secondary to this is to attempt observations of determining how and why the Forseth are developing so rapidly, as no signs of external influence or other sources are in evidence. Nor any other anomalies that would so far explain this.” She went on then looked to each department head, “..Lieutenant Belmont, Hobbes, and Stacey, I want you and your teams to go over what information we so far have on the Forseth and the Volograd’s scans, both for their original arrival and after, also take a look at their deep space survey data, its possible something in the region is effecting them that the crew did not pick up on.” she said then turned to the chief of security, “..Lt Anders I want you to be handling our Ambassadorial team’s needs and security. Ambassadorial Captain Freeman and his eight aides will be arriving within the next hour, be prepared to receive them promptly. I also want you to make a review of all ship’s defenses during our trip to ensure if anything unexpected occurs we are ready for it..” she said. Turning last to the XO, “..Commander Itri, I am going to be in several high priority conference calls on subspace with intelligence briefings on several matters. I am going to need you to coordinate as needed and handle day to day operations when I am involved in these calls. Only upon our arrival or any situations you feel need my attention are you to interrupt me.” She said. Then looking to her staff she said, “..Any questions?” She asked.

GM CockRoach

“Anything I should know about Captain Freeman’s needs before they arrive sir?”

-Lieutenant Kyle Anders: Chief of Security-

”..Captain Freeman is a compentent diplomat so I am not worried on that front. However, based on what I have read of him, he has had times in the past where his off duty chatting with people.....gets a bit too chatty. Or he desires to show everyone and anyone his varied holo-collection of models on different topics. So you should expect one or the other while he is off duty..” she said.

“Noted Commodore. This should be interesting. Do they have any preliminary theories on the species rapid technological advancement? They are obviously getting the information for all this tech from somewhere. I mean even if an advanced ship had crashed on the planet sometime ago it seems it would have taken them years to translate and use the technology.”

Itri, XO

”..The most obvious working theory that the Volograd’s science team has come up with is either A) Alien influences on or near the planet not currently detected, or B) Some kind of local anomaly within the system that they couldn’t pick up due to keeping their distance to avoid detection..” she said.

V’alura nodded after receiving her orders and flashed a quick smile to Hobbes and Stacey. “Shall we divide and conquer or put our heads together in the science labs?” There would be plenty of data to pour over and examine before either of their departments developed theories to explore further.

Lt Belmont, CSO

“I’ve got a new officer that could use some experience working with sciences.” Doctor Stacey replied, turning from Belmont to Hobbes. “Did they get scans of what these humanoids look like?” The CMO asked. Obviously, he wasn’t expecting any in-depth biological data, though if he was able to compare features along their evolution chain it could be possible to create a hypothesis or two on the medical end.

”..That will be in your data packets already being sent to your departments..” She said.

Katie took a deep breath and frowned. “It is, at least theoretically, possible they developed the technology fully independently. There have been a host of occurrences of great leaps forward through serendipity. If something like that were the case and not the locals borrowing or being handed someone else’s technology, you would expect non-trivial differences,” she said drumming her fingers on the table top. “There is another aspect that bothers me. If this is a locally developed technology… and I realize that’s a very big if… it implies that in the very near future they would surpass our development.”

=/\= LtJg Katherine (Katie) Hobbes


”..That is true Lieutenant Hobbes. Which is even more why we need to get to the bottom of this and figure out what is going on, if they do develop into a threat we need to know sooner rather then later..” she said.

”..If there is nothing else, then let’s get to work..” she said dismissing the staff. By this point the Ark Angel had disembarked from Starbase 243, and leapt to warp on their way to system J17. Presumably their ambassadorial team was already on board.

“I will go ensure our guest are enjoying their accommodations. Afterwards I will do a thorough analysis of the data we have received from the planet.”

GM CockRoach / Drudoc Andone

“Don’t worry sir, I can talk for the Federation when I need to.” Kyle winked at the counsellor and swigged a coffee.

-Lieutenant Kyle Anders: Chief of Security-

Itri, XO

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