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Posted Sept. 10, 2022, 3:44 p.m. by Ensign Kaden Buchanan (Engineering Officer) (Clayton Strong)

Katie suppressed what would have obviously been a wicked smile. “One option would be to start the way I did on one of my earlier assignments.”

Anang’s eyebrows raised abruptly with that. “I would suggest, Mr. Buchanan, that you pass on that option… though the assorted life support systems are essential to the operation of the ship.”

Katie sighed. “You are right, of course, Chief,” she said. “So let’s just throw him into the deep end, shall we?”

She paused a moment and then continued. “We’re going to investigate a system where the indigenous species has recently made a spectacular technological advance. If this technological advance was given to them by some outside group then there will be gaps in their technology. Consider, for example, the technologies that a species would have to make before developing a semiconductor chip. They would have to have developed a full range of electrical technologies and optics and the ability to produce materials of a high enough quality first. No species could possibly create a computer with stone knives regardless. If such a species did have computers then we would know that they hadn’t developed it on their own. I want you to begin to analyze what technologies are necessary precursors to developing a warp drive.”

LtJg Katherine Hobbes - Chief Engineering Officer

Kaden looked at Kaite and Anang and laughed. “It seems there was some sort of inside joke there which I might have not been privy too.” Kaden responded. “I remember learning information about what technologies lead up to warp drive during my grade school learning, my own reading and what else was taught in the academy. I would like to do some research to gather some additional data for questions which could be potentially discussed or inferred to understand how they became knowledgeable to warp drive in a very short amount of time. Do we have any sort of time frame of how quickly this came about?” Kaden then questioned. He then turned walked over to his station in Main Engineering and begun pulling up the data with a timeline of technologies leading up to warp drive. The list is very long and would be over many centuries on Earth with all the items needed from warp technology. He remember the first flight in the United States was December 17, 1903 by the Wright brothers and the first ship traveling from Earth to space was April 1961 and the first warp flight in Star fleet history was April 2063. So just the time between the first flight and the first warp flright was well over 150 years. This did not include any other of the technology required leading up to the ability to fly. Understanding the full timezone and the process from earth and other warp capable species in the federation would be needed. He then waited for a response from either Lt Hobbes or Cheif Anang.

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