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Again stellar scans of the region by the Volograd again during this period showed nothing really amiss. The only stand out oddities were the rapid evolution of the Forseth, and the odd ‘echo’ pattern of radio traffic for light years around.

GM CockRoach

Katie stood near the right hand side of the display. “It strikes me that there are two fundamental solutions to this problem. First, there is the possibility that they developed the technology themselves and the only answer I see to that one is that their brains and metabolisms are so fast they make us look like we’re trying to solve differential calculus problems with an abacus. Second, they got the technology from someone else. That leads to the problem of whether they got it through physical contact with another race… presumably not a Federation species since that would be a prime directive violation… or they got it through a non-physical means,” Katie said with a frown. “Perhaps they are extremely psychic and got it through long distance mind-reading though I tend to discount that possibility.”

The telepatic theory was a good one but unlikely since the scans done by the Volograd showed no signs of psychic or telepathic abilities, or a sense of hive minds.

LtJg Katherine (Katie) Hobbes, Chief Engineering Officer

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Kaden looked around and commented to Lt Hobbes, “Do we have any reports of what it looks like they have currently? I know the signals have disappeared based on the last review by the USS Volgograd. Have there been any additional reports since then?” Kaden asked. Kaden was very curious on what was actually going on with the current setup since the signals seem to no longer be showing up. Did something happen to the civilization or have they moved beyond this which is why its not showing up anymore. He then waited for a response.

“You have the right mindset for this Ensign Buchanan, a curious one. To answer your questions, I dont think there is any additional data. I am sure the Commodore provided all the information she was able to obtain from the Volograd. We are going to have to do some digging and make sense of what we have. The answer is in there somewhere.”
She thought for a brief moment the said, “The Volograd’s survey probe missed any sign of intelligence life on the third planet or of any sign of civilization. Will you review the scans from this and see if you can determine how this could have happened? The Volograd is a Moscow class Surveyor, it may help if we can review the specs of the ship to rule out malfunction.”

Ensign Buchanan
Eng Officer

Ensign Baptiste went through the data that they had, Interesting, a species that appears to be developing on an evolutionary scale faster than they should be. he thought. He dug further into the data, I wonder if anyone has looked into these tiny space faring organisms from the nebulas, I know they are some distance away, but how fast can they travel? Can they survive in an atmosphere? Most importantly, can they infect and cause an evolutionary change in another species; similar to the Trill? he thought as he began making notes. Also, one must consider the way the unique binary star system, could the radiation from these two stars effect the evolution of biological lifeforms. he pulled up some data on reptilian lifeforms There, some reptilian species are more susceptible to radiation and mutate under it. Could this be the case? If so, how are they developing so fast on an industrial scale? he again pulled up some data, this time on known space faring Reptilian species. he wanted to see if there was any correlation in development. He was also considering if the ‘echoing’ radio traffic had anything to do with their mental development.

-Ensign Johnathan Baptiste, medical

Sifeda turned to Hobbs then said. “There was significant radio traffic in that part of the solar system. Is there anyway to determine the frequency and what was being transmitted over these waves? I feel like that could be part of the puzzle.”

Itri, XO

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