Waltzing Through the Flowers (Tag Marlaa)

Posted Sept. 28, 2022, 6:19 p.m. by Lieutenant Marlaa (Chief Counseling Officer) (Melissa Aragon)

Posted by Lieutenant Kyle Anders (Chief Security Officer) in Waltzing Through the Flowers (Tag Marlaa)

Posted by Lieutenant Marlaa (Chief Counseling Officer) in Waltzing Through the Flowers (Tag Marlaa)

Kyle and Marlaa had been chatting away arm in arm for a while before the turbo lift bringing them to Deck 34 of the ArkAngel slowed to a stop. Kyle had even stopped off at the nearest replicator to produce a bottle of white wine, if the rest of the crew was having a party, why couldn’t they? Kyle hadn’t really had chance to relax in a while and it occured to him that he quite liked the ship’s newest counselling officer, and thought there was no better place for him to get to know her than on one of her favourite areas of the ship.

Striding through the corridor, Kyle turned to Marlaa and arched an eyebrow, “How long do you think it’ll take before they notice we’re gone?”

-Lieutenant Kyle Anders: Chief of Security-

Marlaa had enjoyed the conversation between them that seemed far easier and more comfortable than she would have guessed. When he offered a bottle of wine and a stroll, she’d happily accepted.

As they stepped on Deck 34, she hardly noticed their location. They were on a ship, after all. It wasn’t as if he could get them lost. “My guess is the Captain has already noticed. As for the rest,” she gave a half shrug and smiled, “I’m guessing, by now, more and more have started slipping out.”

Strong into the corridor, she once more absently lifted the side of her dress with her free hand and let him take the lead. “So why did you choose Star Fleet? I know we have an appointment next week for your yearly eval, but this is a personal curiosity.” She laughed lightly. “You can give a more official answer next week for the record.”


“Keeping up the family legacy lass,” Kyle said with a fond grin, “I grew up on the Nightengale, both my parents were Starfleet Security on that ship, I grew up around people determined to defend their ships, guess you could say I caught t’bug.”

-Kyle Anders-

Marlaa nodded. “You aren’t the first with that answer. It surprises me, sometimes, just how many legacies are in The Fleet. And in space, in general. I mean, to be honest, a few more generations and folks remaining on Earth will probably be a bigger rarity than those in space.”

“Was there ever any other field you considered? Or were you always a phasers out, first one in kind of person?” While most questions she asked folks were to deliver into troubles, or check their mental balance, she found that she was genuinely curious about Kyle. She wanted to get to know him, not just as the Security Chief, but as a peer and friend.


“I’ve had aspirations of the centre chair,” Kyle admitted, taking a seat inside the Arboretum Gallery and uncorking the bottle of Chateau Picard, “2386, I hear it’s a cracking vintage. Security seemed like the most sensible route to take on the road to Command, though I like to think of myself as an ‘all-rounder’ kind of officer.” He glanced at Marlaa with a grin and added, “Though being the action hero does come with its share of encounters with beautiful women, present company included of course.” He winked and poured two glasses of the wine.

-Kyle Anders-

It wasn’t till they sat down that Mar looked around and shook her head. “I didn’t even realize where we were.” Glancing at him she smiled. “Apparently I would make a lousy security officer. I seem to have lost my situational awareness tonight. I come here quite a bit because it’s quiet. Few like this smaller arboretum. I’m glad you thought of it.” She took one of glasses to free up a hand for him to pour the other.

“First toast from me,” she smiled slightly and nodded to his glass. “To security guards who know where they are going.” Her glass then moved to clink with his.


“Hear hear!” Kyle chuckled, “And, to Counselors who enjoy the simpler things, as well as more evenings like this together.” He clinked the glasses together and took a quick swig of the wine, enjoying in particular the note of cherry landing on his palet, “Tell me lass, are you fond of jazz music? And in a totally unrelated question, are there holoemitters in this room?”

-Kyle Anders-

The half Romulan slid a hand up to press an errant strand of hair behind her ear after taking a sip. “I enjoy some Jazz, yes. I am particular to Earth’s 20th century Ella Fizzgeral.” She said, mispronouncing the name. “And there is a player, by the name of Dizzy Gilspee, that was an artist as well.” She took another sip and glanced around. “Sadly, there are no emitters in here. Only in key locations on the ship. Is there something in particular you were wishing?” It didn’t occur to her that anyone would want an emitter any time other than medical or the holodeck where she often did her personal training.


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