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Kyle turned from inside the door when he heard the Commander’s voice and smiled, “Ahh don’t worry ma’am, I get the feeling the Captain and I will have a lot to talk about while I’m on duty, excuse me for a minute won’t you?” Anders wheeled and headed back into the aide’s room.

-Lieutenant Kyle Anders: Chief of Security-

Sifeda gave Lieutenant Anders a nod and smile.

Now addressing Anders she said, “Very well, Lieutenant. I am going to head to the bridge and get an update on our ETA to the J17 system. She gave a quick nod and headed to the turbo-lift.”

” Is there anything I can do for the two of you in the mean time. Perhaps a tour of the ship, she is quiet the marvel” Luna offered.

Freeman and his wife smiled gently, “..Not right now my dear Ensign.” Freeman’s wife said interrupting her husband no doubt about to go on a tirade about one thing or another. “..But if you could check in with our aide next door that would be agreeable..” She said shooing then her husband off to the work area, “..And you husband should focus on preparing for our arrival to the Forseth, you have barely touched the latest intelligence reports!” she said.

” Of course” Luna said before turning to check in with the ambassadors aide.

A an hour after Sifeda left for the bridge, Lieutenant Anders got a message on his comm badge, =^=Lieutenant Anders when you get a chance could you stop by the bridge?=^=

Itri, XO

When the chirp came through Kyle’s comm badge, he tapped it, “=^= On my way ma’am, everything ok? =^=”

-Lieutenant Kyle Anders: Chief of Security-

Sifeda’s voice chimed in again on his comm badge, =^=Yes, Lieutenant. Everything is fine. Our ETA is approximately 36 hours and I’d like you on the bridge to discuss the logistics of assembling an away team. No rush. You can report to the bridge after Captain Freeman and his wife are settled in.=^=

As Luna got to the aides quarters next door and run the chime, there was a reply from within =/\= Enter! =/\= it said.

GM CockRoach

Luna entered the room ” I came to check in tooth you all see if you needed anything” Luna said.
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