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With all things set they were as ready to launch as they would be!

GM CockRoach

=^=Lieutenant Hobbs a transmission has been sent to you. After you have reviewed it, you may give the order to launch the probes at your discretion.=^=

Itri, XO

Ensign Baptiste smiled, “Sure the more the merrier, as they say, besides you probably know more about the engineering side than I do.” With that being said Johnathan made space for Ensign Buchanan.

-Ensign Johnathan Baptiste, Medical

=^= Transmission received,=^= Katie said. As she began to review the material she became increasingly alarmed. She shook her head at first and then froze. Shaking her head wasn’t a strong enough reaction so she shouted. “Buchanan! If that probe is ready then launch it! Now!”

Anang approached. “That bad?”

“Worse. The Forseth made the jump from sub-warp to warp technology and incorporated it in a spacecraft in some ten minutes.”

“I would argue that it is physically impossible,” the large avian said. “If we could decipher their speech, it would take them longer to read the orders aloud than it took them to develop and build the engines. They would have to have some form of communications that would work unspeakably faster than speech to keep up and that would make speech irrelevant.”

“I may a point of never arguing with reality,” Katie said with a smile but her smile faded. “But that does raise an interesting point. What if it isn’t reality but an illusion?”

“I don’t understand,” Anang said.

“Star Fleet has encountered species who could project powerful illusions. The Talosians for example. They made the officers think their weapons were ineffective against them.”

“But our instruments…”

“Maybe the Forseth are making us think our instruments are showing something other than what they are actually showing,” Katie said. “Let’s get that active probe ready as quickly as possible. If these folks are actually advancing as rapidly as they seem to be, then we only have about a 50-50 chance of it working anyway and those odds go down the longer we wait.”

Lt Jg Katherine (Katie) Hobbes

Once the order to launch was given both the modified probes were launched from the Ark Angel. The recon probe sent to the J17 system ahead of them would arrive within 10 minutes. The second stellar observation probe, would arrive at the further distant nebula with the space borne helium organisms in about 30 minutes.

As the minutes ticked by the recon probe soon arrived on station. Its first passive ping of scans picked up the cometary debris that the Volgograd had been earlier near. The Volgograd’s hull, now it seems torn into three parts, was picked up to be passively drifting about 200km to port from the probe. No signs on passive scans showed power, or life on ruined Moscow class Surveyor ship. It was simply a dead trio of hulks in space. The age of the hull though seemed strange, it was as if stellar matter had been impacting the unprotected hull ripped up hull for hundreds if not thousands of years!

Further on passive scans within the J17 system showed an interesting find, on passive scans the system seemed much as they had been showing before both on scans and otherwise. It showed on scans an inhabited system with now 9 low warp capable ships with another 20 in system patrol crafts and mining stations and such. But visually the system looked ancient, like it was some long gone grave yard of destruction the tubular remains of the ships were slightly more advanced then the ones on scans maybe another 100 years in advance/development. But now they were torn apart as if by a great force from the outside had tossed them about like a toy with great hands in anger. The planets equally all showed like some massive hand of a God had chewed through them, the gas planets were likely tiny pin pricks of dust and the double solar bodies on either side of the system were the only semi-sense of normalcy both spinning lazily about on their orbits as if nothing had ever happened.

The only other readings being picked up were the distant radio and subspace radio ancient traffic in the region, echoing like some kind of pulse or the like. Then just as all this got recorded and sent back to the Ark Angel, the signal of the probe showed it seemed to be shaking and being tossed about like a chew toy, the last split second image they had coming in with heavy blur was what seemed like some kind of sharp object/creature. Then everything went dark and the signal ended.

Meanwhile the stellar collection probe was still on its way to the nebula.

GM CockRoach

“Tu es sérieux ?” said Johnathan as he viewed the data streaming in. “What did we just see? Is this data even, correct? I mean come on it’s like we are viewing things through some type of weird time speeding lenses.” He was truly perplexed at the data, then an idea hit him “We need to scan that damn comet, like now. Also, I think we need to advise the Commodore to go all stop until we get a better grip on the situation.” He said to Lieutenant Hobbes.

-Johnathan Baptiste, Medical

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