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The NE was annoying to Sifeda because she sensed some pusillanimity from the woman and she felt she needed to be more direct with her words. In any case she knew what she was trying to say and she pushed her irritation of the woman aside as she casually rolled her head in her direction then said, “I truly hope you are wrong Ensign. Until we know for sure, continue to attempt to make contact with the Volgograd and scan for any signs of life, immediately. However unlikely a rescue effort may seem, notify the transporter operator they are to beam over any survivors from the Volgograd crew if they are located. I will notify the Commodore of our present situation.”

She tapped her commbadge hard then said, =^=Lieutenant Commander Itri to Commodore Andone. The Volgograd’s situation is unknown. The ship and crew has been.... =^=, she closed her eyes for a moment before the next words left her mouth, =^=silent and we are unable to make contact. Their situation may be dire. And since we are unsure if they were attacked, I am moving the ship to Yellow alert to advise the crew to be prepared.=^=
She walked over to the tactical console reached over the Officer and activated the Yellow alert herself.

=/\= Andone here, I am on my way to the bridge now. =/\= She said.

As she descended down the few steps on the bridge Sifeda stood in front of the blank view screen before turning to the bridge crew, “Hold our position and keep us away from the cometary debris. If you find we are too close or in the path of it, the shields must immediately be raised and we are to elevate to red alert. It was the last thing the Volograd encountered before.....It could be some type of weapon.” Then she said, “Soon as the probes launch, put the visual data on the view screen”

Just as the NE said this, the probes were launched and soon in another ten minutes the recon probe images came in.....

Sifeda focused her attention on the images and tried to make sense of what was happening.

Its first passive ping of scans picked up the cometary debris that the Volgograd had been earlier near. The Volgograd’s hull, now it seems torn into three parts, was picked up to be passively drifting about 200km to port from the probe. No signs on passive scans showed power, or life on the ruined Moscow class Surveyor ship. It was simply a dead trio of hulks in space. The age of the hull though seemed strange, it was as if stellar matter had been impacting the unprotected hull ripped up hull for hundreds if not thousands of years!

Further on passive scans within the J17 system showed an interesting find, on passive scans the system seemed much as they had been showing before both on scans and otherwise. It showed on scans an inhabited system with now 9 low warp capable ships with another 20 in system patrol crafts and mining stations and such. But visually the system looked ancient, like it was some long gone grave yard of destruction the tubular remains of the ships were slightly more advanced then the ones on scans maybe another 100 years in advance/development. But now they were torn apart as if by a great force from the outside had tossed them about like a toy with great hands in anger. The planets equally all showed like some massive hand of a God had chewed through them, the gas planets were likely tiny pin pricks of dust and the double solar bodies on either side of the system were the only semi-sense of normalcy both spinning lazily about on their orbits as if nothing had ever happened.

The only other readings being picked up were the distant radio and subspace radio ancient traffic in the region, echoing like some kind of pulse or the like. Then just as all this got recorded and sent back to the Ark Angel, the signal of the probe showed it seemed to be shaking and being tossed about like a chew toy, the last split second image they had coming in with heavy blur was what seemed like some kind of sharp object/creature. Then everything went dark and the signal ended.

GM CockRoach

After the signal ended and seeing the catastrophic damage of the Volgograd, Sifeda knew there was little or no value in delegating resources to a rescue mission. She extended her arm with an open palm toward the view screen and said, “What happened! How can we be chatting with the Captain of the Volgograd and then in a matter of minutes the whole ship is destroyed and floating around out there like 100 year old space junk! Was it the Forseth? I thought they were a non-violent relatively peaceful species.”

As that point the turbolift opened and Commodore Andone came out onto the bridge, “..Report Commander, bring me up to speed, what’s happening with the Volgograd?” She asked taking the center chair.

LTJG Stacey turned to the XO after looking over the scans, “Are they evolving out of existence?” The CMO asked, not expecting an accurate answer in return. The young doctor didn’t fully comprehend what he was seeing at the moment.


Sifeda looked at Dr. Stacey and her eyes were wide with revelation. “Dr. I think you are on to something it’s like we are in a time warp. That would definitely explain the rapid advancement.”

Itri, XO

Gavin felt as if a headache was coming on, and he felt a deep pit in his stomach. “Commander, if that’s the case then if we move our ship any closer we could end up in that time warp.....” The Doctor let his words trail off as he came to a clear realization, “… which means any data that our probe brings back would be extremely outdated…” At this point, the Chief Medical Officer knew the prosthetics wouldn’t be of any use to them. Gavin was hoping his hypothesis was incorrect because any wrong move would put the ship and crew at risk.


“I agree, Doctor. The helmsman has orders to hold us where we are.” She thought about what he said about the probes and how that would affect his work on the prospects. “How do you propose we remedy the issue with the prosthetics? I am sure we will need to eventually go on the planet and make contact with the Forseth. If we do not have prosthetics then is there another solution we may consider?”

Itri, XO

“What about holographic projections?” Kyle asked, “Surely Engineering can work out away for the images to not be degraded by the time loop?”

-Lieutenant Kyle Anders: Chief of Security-

“Prosthetics are about useless at this point,” Doctor Stacey said waving his hand in defeat. “For all we know, they might have evolved into gods’ know what.” The CMO wasn’t prepared to allow anyone go down to the planet without knowing what affects it would have on them. Were they going to get trapped in whatever is out there?

“Do we have access to the mobile emitter specs that Voyager’s doctor used?” Gavin asked the XO. “If our Engineering team could create one, we could use one of our EMHs to beam down and investigate on our behalf.”

Stacey CMO

Drudoc sat quietly and began to listen to things going on around the bridge, to gather all relevant information on the current situation.

Drudoc Andone CO

“We’d need to be ABSOLUTELY sure that the holograms wouldn’t degrade inside the anomaly. I’m no Engineer like, but I imagine technology can be damaged by a temporal loop too, right?”

-Lieutenant Kyle Anders: Chief of Security-
The turbolift opened in the midst of the conversation and Demil walked out, slightly flustered. He quickly straightened his uniform and composed his expression, then walked over to Sifeda and stated “Ensign Lis reporting on behalf of Lt. Belmont, Ma’am. She is currently indisposed. I apologize for the delay.” His foot tapped incessantly inside his uniform boot, betraying the nervousness his face and tone hid.
Ens. Lis, Science

Sifeda trusted the advice of the doctor, if he said prosthetics were now useless then they were. She pressed her lips together in thought then said to the Doctor, “I am not 100% sure about the mobile emitter specifications, however I am sure Engineering can assist you. Why don’t you connect with either Lieutenant Hobbs or Mr. Buchanan to obtain what you need, then report back to me the solution you settled on after you gather your information? Also I am sure you have already considered”, she briefly held her hand out in the direction of the COS as she continued, “Lieutenant Anders concern about the degradation of the holograms?”

“I’ll head down to check with Buchanan,” LtJG Stacey replied, leaning over to look at Ensign Lis’s appearance. “Since time is of the essence, I want to be more than 50 percent sure that this will work before risking one of our EMH programs.” The CMO stated.

Then she turned to Lieutenant Anders and said, “I will have you remain on the bridge for now at the tactical station. Don’t hesitate to consult with Dr. Stacey and Engineering about any security concerns you have.”

Gavin nodded at the XO’s statement and then swiftly made his way over to the turbolift and disappeared inside.

As Ensign Lis approach her she couldn’t help but notice his nervous demeanor. Sifeda placed a gentle hand on his left shoulder and said in a calm low tone, “At ease Mr. Lis. I am sorry to hear about Lieutenant Belmont, however now we must rely on you as you are the next senior science officer on this ship. Now first, do you have any data or observations to share from the science simulations and second, have you had a chance to review the transmission that was sent to you earlier?”

Itri, XO


“Aye Commander,” Kyle said with an affirming nod, crossing the bridge to what felt like his second home, the ArkAngel‘s Tactical Console. Anders had undertaken a lot of physical training for ground missions of late, but felt very comfortable sitting at Tactical once more, “Doctor, let me know what you find out,” he said addressing Stacey.

-Lieutenant Kyle Anders: Chief of Security-

Though Kyle’s arrival had brightened her smile slightly, Mar had remained silent through the whole exchange. But now she shook her head and spoke up. “I don’t think going down would be feasible at this point. But perhaps we can send a probe with a message for them to come and join us? We can make it clear that while the message will seem aged by decades, time outside their meteor belt is slower and we’d still be here.” She glanced at the others now as she continued. “It’s possible moving into their time loop would kill us and mean no one comes out. But one of them coming out would slow them down just as considerably. So either will mean someone being left behind so to speak. If we go there, we’ll be dead before anyone comes out. But if one of them comes here, everyone they know will be decades gone by the time they go back. I think whatever we choose, we need to take that into consideration.”

She glanced at the planet and tried to see if it was the only thing inside the meteor belt or if other planets were as well. Absently she added, “I think we need some meteor samples as well.” She had an idea, plain on her face to those who knew her, but she didn’t complete the thought.

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