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Posted Nov. 4, 2022, 5:04 p.m. by Commodore Drudoc Andone (Commanding Officer) (Robert Archer)


Ensign Baptiste was playing the feedback one frame at a time trying to decipher what he was looking at, when suddenly he came upon couple of frames. “What the hell is that?” he inquired, trying to make sense of the heavy blur that seemed like some kind of sharp object or creature, just before the signal went dark and stopped transmitting. “Does anyone have an idea of what this is?” as he brought up the last ten individual images in the frame. “I swear it appears like some lifeform.”

-Ensign Johnathan Baptiste, Medical

As the data played back again for Baptiste he was indeed able to see how the system was like a lifeless dead zone. All atmospheres and anything remotely life like was stripped from all the planets in an organic sense. There was also indeed a blurred frame or three from the probe before it lost contact showing something sharp claw or tooth like destroying the probe. At a rough guess it was something quite bigger then the probe itself. But not much data remained to show anything more then the image, no data on life or make up was present.

Kaden thought for himself, There has to be some outside force causing this issue. There is no way this is naturally made. There had to be some outside life form or something causing this to occur with the amount of damage being caused. It might be worth noting the system as a danger area and to stay away. Kaden then asked the computer, “Is there anything from the data which is not being picked up by sight? Is there any underlying data to explain what might be occurring or what is causing this to occur?” He then waited for a response from the computer. He was hoping there was something else present not being seen causing the problem.

=/\= Processing =/\= The computer toned.

If they were to make a mobile emitter for a hologram, they would have to keep in mind that Voyager’s EMH’s emitter was from the future in the 29th century. Due to the Temporal Prime Directive no efforts to fully study and analyze much less reverse engineer the technology to current standards was allowed in most circles so making one the size of Voyager’s EMH just was not happening. They could though jury rig a device of their own for the EMH. It would be a bit bulky and such but it could work. In this case they would need a portable generator rigged up to a backpack frame, with a computer co-processing unit say from one of their shuttles rigged into the backpack frame with an emitter then fashioned to this as well to project and EMH. It would be bulky and unwieldy for an organic person to carry but for the EMH while looking out of place and probably a burden it could be done. However, without knowing exactly how this temporal echo/anomaly worked, it was impossible to say how it would effect the EMH or the rigged up hardware. Not to mention if there was ‘something’ near the J17 system able to rip apart whole starships and devore organic atmospheres and life on planets and such how or where would they beam such an EMH down too and what did they hop to gain? Perhaps having someone work on rigging such a device ‘just in case’ would be ok but they should probably focus their energies on getting more information on what to do further.

As this was all taken in they could feel the Ark Angel slowly drop from warp and come to a fully stop. If anyone checked their navigational location they would see the bridge had ordered a full stop from warp holding position from J17 by over 3 hours away by warp. Meaning they were well over several light years from J17 still.

Ensign Buchanan Engineering Officer

After a moment while the computer was processing the teams would note that the bridge had opened a wide band all freqency hailing pattern that had their long range comms reach the J17 system, =/\= This is Commodore Drudoc Andone of the USS Ark Angel. Attempting to contact the USS Volgrad. Please respond…=/\= her voice said.

While this was going on the computer finally replied to Kaden’s inquery. =/\= No non-visual pattern anomalies detected outside normal stellar and subspace patterns, with the current data set. =/\= It said.

Then a moment later from that, the probe that had been sent to gather samples of the space borne helium life forms made a blip on the sensor logs it was sending back. It seems that while gathering the last of the tiny space organisms, the Ark Angel’s wide band hail had reached the nebula’s location. Like a drop of ripple in the water when the hail had come in the helium based life forms had moved away as if reacting to its presence, signaling that they could indeed pick up subspace variances. While certainly interesting on its own for later study, it was the signal of the return probe coming back to the Ark Angel and passing by the J17 system that was even more of note.

On the screen they saw the destroyed system like before, yet the probe’s sensors were also picking up tell tale signs of faint subspace eddies consistent with those from temporal and dimensional shifts! In essence they could see on the probe’s scans that the Volgrad was currently ‘hiding’ within the ‘shifted’ comet fragment they had gone into previously! They could also see that a ‘shifted’ form of a quite large space borne organism, like that of a huge two headed snake spanning as 1km long and almost 200 meters wide was ‘slithering’ out of the system at about 1/6th the speed of light towards the shifted Volgrad which due to the cometary interreference probably couldn’t detect it unless they were looking for it.....

Then as the ‘echo’ effect of the Ark Angel’s hail reached J17, the Volgrad replied, though its return hail was corrupted and out of phase with the normal space time continuum. =/\= USS Volgograd to USS Ark Angel, we read you. =/\= the CO of the ship said. This should probably be something they urgently alert the bridge about!

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