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Posted by Ensign Johnathan Baptiste (Medical Officer) in Main Sim - Science Labs - Combat Observations

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While this was going on the computer finally replied to Kaden’s inquiry. =/\= No non-visual pattern anomalies detected outside normal stellar and subspace patterns, with the current data set. =/\= It said.

Then a moment later from that, the probe that had been sent to gather samples of the space borne helium life forms made a blip on the sensor logs it was sending back. It seems that while gathering the last of the tiny space organisms, the Ark Angel’s wide band hail had reached the nebula’s location. Like a drop of ripple in the water when the hail had come in the helium based life forms had moved away as if reacting to its presence, signaling that they could indeed pick up subspace variances. While certainly interesting on its own for later study, it was the signal of the return probe coming back to the Ark Angel and passing by the J17 system that was even more of note.

On the screen they saw the destroyed system like before, yet the probe’s sensors were also picking up tell tale signs of faint subspace eddies consistent with those from temporal and dimensional shifts! In essence they could see on the probe’s scans that the Volgrad was currently ‘hiding’ within the ‘shifted’ comet fragment they had gone into previously! They could also see that a ‘shifted’ form of a quite large space borne organism, like that of a huge two headed snake spanning as 1km long and almost 200 meters wide was ‘slithering’ out of the system at about 1/6th the speed of light towards the shifted Volgrad which due to the cometary interreference probably couldn’t detect it unless they were looking for it.....

Then as the ‘echo’ effect of the Ark Angel’s hail reached J17, the Volgrad replied, though its return hail was corrupted and out of phase with the normal space time continuum. =/\= USS Volgograd to USS Ark Angel, we read you. =/\= the CO of the ship said. This should probably be something they urgently alert the bridge about!

GM CockRoach

The CMO couldn’t make heads or tails of the data, other than a possible space snake heading toward the Volgrad. LtJG Stacey was in motion to alert the science department to take a more detailed look at the data that finally returned when he heard what sounded like an answer to the AA’s hail.

Before Kaden could respond the CMO was able to communicate to the bridge. Kaden was wondering if he was telepathic and could read Kaden’s he was fixing to communicate to the bridge the same details which she said. Kaden thought it was interesting that the communication came from the USS Volgrad. It almost sounded like there was an echo or a time shift that might be causing the issue. Kaden then thought for a second about some materials he believed he read. This almost sounds just like what happened with the Enterprise C and Enterprise D before the Enterprise C showed up in the same time as Enterprise D. He then asked the computer, “Computer, does any of this messaging that came from the J17 probe sound the same as any of the communication coming from the Enterprise C before Enterprise D saw the ship which seemed to have been lost in the past?” Then then waited for a response.

On screen they could see the phase shifted Volgograd raise shields, as the Ark Angel’s bridge seemed to communicate to the other Federation ship. They quickly made to move out of the comet and away from the fast closing giant two headed snake like creature. As they watched they saw phaser strikes lance out followed by a burst of torpedoes. They seemed to be connecting to the giant snake creature but only did little damage clearly ticking it off. Inside the J17 system a delay of about 10 seconds was recorded where it seems the energy bursts from the fight had reached the early space flight Forseth. Signs of primitive scans were already shown looking that way and the three possibly warp capable ships in orbit already powered up showed signs of moving out of their docking berths at low impulse speeds to investigate it seems. Whether they had any weapons or defenses seemed unclear.

Drudoc over a ship wide comms her voice came out, =/\= All hands red alert, man battle stations! =/\= She said, as the Ark Angel went to high warp, scans showed their ETA being 3 minutes now.

Gavin excitedly tapped his comm, “Bridge, this is Doctor Stacey,” The CMO announced as he paused momentarily to catch his breath, “I’m sending up data, as well as a probable response from the Volgrad, from our previous hail.” While not too familiar with the comms system, the Doctor tried his best to transfer the visual and audio data that was available to the CO and XO’s panels. “Science should have a field day with this…” He stated.

Dr. Stacey

The doors slid open and Katie stepped onto the bridge. She had started to speak but held her peace as the discussion immediately focused on the message from the Volgograd… specifically addressed to Ark Angel. There was only one other possibility besides a direct communication with the “lost” and “destroyed” ship.

“Captain, I see two possibilities here. The first… the obvious one… is that we’re communicating with Volgograd across time. The second is that Ark Angel was here years ago and we’re hearing ourselves from that time. Their response didn’t mention your name or give us the name of their commanding officer,” Katie said. She nodded to the officer at the Engineering station and then took that seat herself. “One thing we don’t know about the destruction of Volgograd was whether their shields were up or not and what defensive actions they took, if any. If their shields were up, then whatever destroyed them could easily destroy us as well.”

Kaden then touched his chest and said =/\=Ensign Buchanan to Lt Hobbes. I have requested some information about a previous communication which I remember reading about that occurred with the USS Enterprise D under the command of Captain Picard. I am awaiting some details based on information I asked to compare. As soon as I have details, I will get back with you. Bucahanan out.=/\= He then waited to be able to confirm the data based on what he gets back from the computer to determine if this is like anything which he had read about.

Ensign Buchanan Engineering Officer

=/\= No coloration to temporal event on record matches current scans. =/\= The computer replied.

“Seems our ideas are always a step behind reality,” Gavin laughed, trying to make light of their recent update. Dr. Stacey wasn’t going to let his EMH idea die, though it would be pointless to send it out there with a space-faring hydra on the loose.

“I need to get to the Bridge and gather the info in real-time,” Gavin said as he turned to John. Now looking between both officers, Stacey continued, “We could possibly still use our EMH idea if we found a power source to keep the hologram running, so Doc, try and assist with that route for now.” Gavin nodded to the pair, turned on his heels, and left out into the corridors.

Stacey CMO

Ensign Baptiste sat back, Okay how in the hell am I supposed to help with that. I am not an engineer. he thought to himself. Then suddenly he had an inspirational spark from an old twentieth century movie called Ghostbusters. “Hey Kaden ever see an old twentieth century movie called Ghostbusters? I know that their so called ‘proton packs’ were fictional, but couldn’t we design something like it, perhaps modify a photon torpedo and use its energy source for the hologram? We then launch it and allow momentum to carry it to the system. Once there the hologram and or sensor packages can start doing research. If anything threatens the Hologram or torpedo instrument package it could self-destruct like a normal photon torpedo.” Enquired Johnathan.

-Ensign Johnathan Baptiste, medical

Once the group would turn their attention back on the screen the quickly closing Ark Angel could see that the Volgograd had moved further out from the system, the giant twin headed snake in hot pursuit. Once in a while a lashing tail would whip around from behind as it would turn itself broadside trying to get a grapple on the Federation ship. The tail split showing sharp razor like hooks on either end, probably what it would use to grapple such ‘food’ if caught. On screen another lancing of phaser fire and torpedoes struck the creature along its flanks and head, the left head looked singed but fine, while the right one that had taken the blow of torpedoes oozed a greenish ichor probably some kind of blood.

With a hum the Ark Angel dropped from warp, about 500,000km away from the fight. The Forseth ships, the giant snake creature, and Volograd were all now clearly seen as being out of phase with the Ark Angel and the rest of the J17 system ahead, from their view the wrecked Federation ship was in evidence as were the several Forseth ships. On the scans they could see the Federation ship’s shields were down to 72%, and that the creature did not seem intent on giving up anytime soon.

Kaden thought for just a second as he felt the ship coming out of warp, it was the same feeling on every ship and being an engineer, he could always feel it and hear it. He then tapped on his chest to activate his communicator =/\=Ensign Buchanan to Bridge, Do we know if the giant snake creature is potentially going after the power coming from the ship? There have been reports of other vessels seeing creature who thrive on energy. Is this a scenario or something we could communicate over to quickly try? Any thoughts?=/\=

Kaden was hoping his thoughts might work on this. Might be something the creature is living on. Just a thought based on items which he had read.

Ensign Buchanan
Engineering Officer

“The creature is causing a temporal phase shift; we are going to need to adjust our weapons and shielding to match that.” Replied Johnathan. He began running some biological scans using a temporal and phase shift equation to learn the creature’s wavelength of temporal phasing. “Any idea how long that will take?” he asked Ensign Buchanan.

-Ensign Johnathan Baptiste, Medical

The Red Alert Klaxon came on and hit Ensign Johnathan like a bolt of lightning. “You’ll have to excuse me, sounds like we will need my services in sickbay and surgery. Best of luck to you Ensign Buchanan, try not to end up a patient.” With that statement Johnathan got up and made a beeline towards sickbay.

-Ensign Johnathan Baptiste, Medical

=/\=We have precious little information on this “space snake” Ensign Buchanan,” Katie said to her communicator. She shook her head. Such a creature shouldn’t be possible but if there was one thing she had learned it was that you never won the arguments that reality was impossible. “It’s a safe conjecture that the other ships have or had comparable shields and weaponry to ours… and at the moment that doesn’t seem to be doing them a lot of good. Confirm that operating status of all our shield emitters. =/\=

She turned to the commanding officer. “I recommend we maintain our distance from this… this… snake thing,” Hobbes said.

LtJg Katherine (Katie) Hobbes

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