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Posted Nov. 21, 2022, 9:19 a.m. by Commodore Drudoc Andone (Commanding Officer) (Robert Archer)


“Lets get this sickbay set up for triage everyone!” Gavin shouted over the klaxon when he entered the Sickbay. As he watched the other doctors, nurses, and techs spring into action, the CMO went over to a side panel near his office to see an update of what was going on.

Stacey CMO

The Red Alert Klaxon came on and hit Ensign Johnathan like a bolt of lightning. “You’ll have to excuse me, sounds like we will need my services in sickbay and surgery. Best of luck to you Ensign Buchanan, try not to end up a patient.” With that statement Johnathan got up and made a beeline towards sickbay. The adrenaline was rushing through his body, finally, I get to actually use my skills forgetting that with this opportunity there would be serious harm up to and including death.
Ensign Baptiste entered sickbay and saw everyone scrambling about preparing sickbay. Looking at NE Nurse Larson he inquired “Where can I be of the most use?”

-Ensign Johnathan Baptiste, Medical

“I’ve routed all minor injuries to our other sickbay, which will allow us to focus on the extremes.” LtJG Stacey called out from where he was standing, “From the looks of it, our shields have taken a beating, so we could expect some minor to moderate burns from anyone that was near an EPS conduit .” While the CMO noticed that the injuries they were seeing were more routine and minor, he was hoping to be ready in case something major came their way.

Stacey Medical

Ensign Baptiste looked at Lieutenant Stacey and asked, “Would you prefer me to work in the surgical suites, Triage, or go to the other sickbay and manage the routine and minor injuries when the Arch Angel engages in this battle sir?” He was secretly hoping to get to man the surgical suites as he was a Trauma surgeon.

-Ensign Johnathan Baptiste, Medical

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