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Posted Nov. 22, 2022, 1:16 p.m. by Commodore Drudoc Andone (Commanding Officer) (Robert Archer)


Despite these words it was clear Drudoc was willing to try anything for the moment, “..Helm maneuver us between the creature and the Volgograd, Lieutenant Anders, fire phasers again maybe if we get closer we’ll phase into their temporal plane and can contribute..” She said.

GM CockRoach

Mar had just finished the info packet and moved to a console just to her left. =^=This is the USS Ark Angel hailing the Forseth ships coming into view. We are a peaceful race seeking to aid our companions against a space faring serpent with phasing differentials. Can you assist?=^= She sent the packet of information at the end of the burst, hoping they would see that neither the Volgograd, nor they, had instigated this encounter other than by proximity.

After a moment, she repeated the hail.


“We could try an Anyon sweep,” Demil contributed as they considered their options. “I don’t know if it would work, but it is documented as returning things to their proper temporal phase. If we specifically swept the Volgograd, it could remove it from danger.” Considering more, he tapped his badge. =/\= “Bridge to science lab, do you have any ideas about how to deal with the phasing? =/\=

Ens. Lis, Science

“That is great thinking, Ensign Lis.” She said nodding at him. “Even if the Forseth did assist, this creature is formidable. We have seen the damage it can do. Do we have any data on the species of this creature? I am sure if we knew what we are dealing with we could come up with a sustainable plan and determine the best factors for encountering it.” She looked at Marla then said, “Hopefully the Forseth answer your hail. They might have the information we need.”

Itri, XO

“Firing in pattern Omega-4,” Anders replied, sliding his hands over the weapons controls.

-Lieutenant Kyle Anders: Chief of Security-

As Lieutenant Anders activated and fired the phasers, Sifeda watched anxiously to see if their phasers had any effect on the creature and to see if the Forseth would answer their hail. The moments that were only minutes felt like hours.

Itri, XO

With the Ark Angel now having moved more or less between the temporally shifted space snake creature and the Volgograd they found the snake did not take note of them at first, once more the phaser fire just passed through harmlessly from the snake’s body. Then during one maneuver the Volgograd evaded below the main body of the Ark Angel’s hull by 200 meters again with phase fire from the Angel proving ineffective. But while most of the snake’s body was beyond their shield perimeter a part of the rear most of the tail happened to glance along the forward bow arcs. As had been done earlier their shields had been adjusted to provide temporal shielding. This it turned out did catch the creature’s attention. The Angel’s shields went from 100% to 93% from the physical impact, and the ship was jostled a bit but nothing seriously nor causing much damage overall otherwise.

The result was the obviously confused snake creature halted its pursuit of its ‘food’ from the Volgograd. It turned both its heads away and wove its body about it self and seemed to look back in the direction of the Ark Angel where its tail had brushed the forward shields. Despite this though the snake now holding still 600 meters below and in front of them did not seem to take notice of the Angel. A fact Drudoc was quick to comment on. “..Seems our temporal shields can interact with the creature’s temporal plane, but it can not perceive us..” She said.

During all this Mar got a return audio only reply from the Forseth, it had arrived a minute or so ago but it had taken the universal translator a bit to fully analyze and translate things. The voice sounded like a females, =/\= Unknown alien ship known as USS Ark Angel. This is Commander Culling of the Forseth spaceship Probe-1. We have detected the large space borne organism at the edge of our system currently fighting to eat the other unknown alien ship you claim is your ally. We have never encountered such a creature in our history and our exploration of our system has only just begun. We are unsure how we could assist against such a creature. Our only armaments are short range laser cannons used primarily for asteroid mining and defense. As well as short range fire and forget rockets again used for blasting potential larger targets for future mining by lasers. =/\= The voice said.

”..Helm, move us away from where the snake hit us, if it cant perceive us and we can not yet harm it we can avoid further damages..” Drudoc said.

On scans the Forseth ships held position about 300km away from the scene of combat, it seems for now still not worth the attention of the confused snake creature which was still swaying its tail back and forth near where it had glanced against the Ark Angel’s shields. Thanks to the NE helm’s maneuvers the snake kept missing. Meanwhile the Volgograd now reduced to 1/2 impulse speed was attempting to maneuver under the distraction to heavier commentary cover just within the system. A fact confirmed by it’s Captain over comms, =/\= Ark Angel whatever you did there seems to have distracted the beast, we’re attempting to find shelter within the cometary cloud nearby, if you can keep its attention for another few minutes we might be able to hide from it..=/\=

=/\= Understood Volgograd..=/\= Drudoc said, “..Helm, try to play a game of cat/mouse with the creature, try to time a glancing blow to keep its focus away from both the Volgograd and Forseth..” she added, =/\= All hands brace for intermittent impacts! =/\= She said ship wide then.

GM CockRoach / Drudoc Andone CO

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