Coming aboard the Ark Angel

Posted Nov. 28, 2022, 12:32 p.m. by Ensign Demil Lis (Science Officer) (Amdirgol S)

Posted by Civilian Nerira Akanar (Engineering Specalist) in Coming aboard the Ark Angel

Posted by Ensign Demil Lis (Science Officer) in Coming aboard the Ark Angel

Posted by Civilian Nerira Akanar (Engineering Specalist) in Coming aboard the Ark Angel
A strange new person walked the corridors of the Ark Angel, She appeared to be wearing carbon fiber body armor and a black trench coat. lost, Nerira interrupted an officer she saw nearby working on something in the corridor wall. “Sir? Can you help me out? I just arrived and cant find the civilian quarters.”
The officer, an ensign, turned to face her looking slightly intimidated, as if expecting this stranger to hold a phaser to his head and demand directions. Sensing his intimidation Nerira explained,
“I’m the new mission specialist, I just arrived and I need to change into something more.... Conspicuous, something more comfortable before I go get my assingment from the XO. don’t want to go walking onto the bridge in my flight suit, looking like a terrorist.”
Relieved that the the new person had a sense of humor, the ensign met her gaze and pointed down the corridor “you are already on the right deck. just down the hall take a right, it will be the second, third or fourth door on the left. I don’t know which room they put you in but one of them should have your name already engraved on the plaque next to the door.”
“Thanks” Nerira said turning to leave. “anytime and welcome aboard miss?…” the ensign asked
“Akanar, the name’s Akanar.”

Finally arriving at her quarters Nerira hung her coat on the back of the armchair, stripped quickly out of her flight, and changed into a standard issue uniform. As a civilian, Nerira was not required to be in uniform but she felt more comfortable in the gold engineering colors, at least while working, than she was in anything else. Out of respect for her fellow shipmates who were all officers, Nerira wore no rank even though she had previously earned the rank of lieutenant.
Facing the mirror adjusting her commbadge straight, she heard a soft whoosh of feathers near her earned saw Amos, her majestic blue Macaw in the mirror, perched on her shoulder. Reaching up and scratching the top of his head affectionately, she said, “Welcome to our new home buddy.”
Going to her bag of personal affects and important non replicable items she said to Amos softly, “Now if I can just find that PADD with my latest work…” There was a long pause as she began unpacking the bag, “…I can start uploading my work into the computer directly from the temporal science lab upstairs” she finished slowly, distracted.
Finally finding her PADD she quietly moved Amos off her shoulder and left for the temporal science lab on deck 13.

Finding the lab was easy since she had been able to use the computer terminal in her quarters to pull up a directory. Now she had to download several gigaquads of data. the doors slid open revealing a large space walls lined with various displays, a large diagnostic chamber in one wall stood empty waiting for a test article, every kind of instrument imaginable and some that were not, took up counter space and floor space, everything Nerira would need for the next phase of her project she figured she could find in this lab.
Stepping through the doors, Alice had been admitted to wonderland.

  • Ms. Akanar
    Demil spun towards the door to the lab as the doors slid open. He had been tucked in a corner for the past several hours, working on several pet projects and research studies, and hadn’t been expecting anyone to be using the lab, at least not until 0800. The ensign watched with mild interest as the Betazoid woman stepped into the room. “Can I help you,” he began, eyes flicking to her collar. Finding no rank, he decided to err on the side of formality, and finished “Ma’am?”
    Ens. Lis, Science

A voice snapped her out of her wonderment. “uh…” she began, obviously disoriented by the sudden presence she had failed to notice before, but quickly regaining her composure she continued, “…actually, now that you mention it, yeah I could use a hand. I haven’t used a LCARS interface in ages. As a civilian I did work on my own custom system I had designed to maximize my workflow efficiency, but its nothing like LCARS. so I am understandably out of practice and I need to get this data,” she held up the PADD, “downloaded into the main core. I also need an isolated copy downloaded in this location.”
Handing the PADD to Lis she smiled warmly, “you’ll help me out, right? I got to get to engineering to check in down there I don’t have a commanding officer but Hobbes is my boss. she wanted to see me by 8:00.”

  • Ms. Akanar

“Computer, identify the other person in this room,” Demil requested. Once it confirmed that she was, in fact, supposed to be there, he accepted the PADD and his fingers began flying over the interface. “You mentioned that Lt. Hobbes is your superior, ma’am? What’s your specialty in engineering? You also mentioned that you were recently a civilian?” He asked while the data began to download.
Ens Lis, Science

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