Initial physical evaluation- Nerira Akanar

Posted Dec. 5, 2022, 1:36 p.m. by Ensign Johnathan Baptiste (Medical Officer) (Christopher Huskins)

Posted by Civilian Nerira Akanar (Engineering Specalist) in Initial physical evaluation- Nerira Akanar
Nerira found her way to sickbay and sat on an empty bed, waiting patiently for the doctor who was examining another new arrival. One of the other staff took her vitals and checked her in for the appointment she had scheduled some hours prior.

  • Ms. Akanar

Johnathan was shocked at how busy his day was turning out, he was just wrapping up an on boarding physical when another individual came into sickbay and sat on one of the empty bio-beds. NE Nurse Larson immediately went to the patient and did some preliminary vitals and information. She then came over and let Doctor Baptiste know who and why the patient was there. Quelle journée bien remplie de rendez-vous de routine. Ils ne vous parlent jamais vraiment des choses routinières et à quel point cela peut vous faire ressentir. {What a busy day of routine appointments. They really never tell you of the routine stuff, and how exhausting it can make you feel.} he thought to himself in French as he approached his new patient. What’s this, no service rank provided? he thought Did NE Larson make a mistake? He stepped up and smiled at his patient, “Ensign Johnathan Baptiste at your service.” He then tapped the PaDD in his hand, “Says you’re here for an on boarding physical, but it neglected to state your rank. So out of politeness how am I to address you?”

-Johnathan Baptiste, Medical

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