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Finally after nearly 50 some rotations it seems they found the right frequency! The effects were quite immediate. The snake creature seemed to shudder as its connection to its subspace temporal connection was severed. It seems based on the readings they got this connection was also a key in its ability to remain in a physical sense. In this case once the pulse had locked on and fully severed its connection the creature phased out of existence in a visual sense! Subspace sensors in this case showed it had burrowed then suddenly back into subspace and out of any danger to the ship or system it had been tied too.

GM CockRoach

Ensign Buchanan was worried that the fire was going to get out of hand. He had not heard about the order from the bridge to release the environment on Deck 12 in order to clear the fire out. He tapped his communicator and asked, =/\=Bridge, Ensign Buchanan here, do we have any news on the folks on Deck 12 and if its cleared in order to clear out the environment?=/\= He then waited to hear a response from the bridge.

Ensign Buchanan Engineering Officer

“Ensign, the fires have been extinguished and all decks are clear. We apologize for not communicating this to you. I was not aware your monitors did not show you this information. Our focus is now on finding the correct subpulse frequency so we can go back and assist the Volograd and the Forseth ship.”

Itri, XO

=/\=Very well. I believe there was at least one successful hit through subspace. Does it look like that pulse value work a second time or do we believe it is changing? Has anyone else been able to send another pulse through? I know I provided some data previously on this=/\= Kaden responded to the bridge. He looked over the computer and was not sure why he had not been provided details when the fire was put out. He is going to have to look into that system. Maybe it needs to be programmed differently for the alerting. He was going to run a diagnostics on that system. Kaden also wanted to run a diagnostics on the area where the fire was in order to determine if there was any permanent damage and if any repair was needed. He said to the computer, “Computer, please run a diagnostic on the fire suppression system and determine why I was not informed when the fire went out. Also, please run a diagnostic on the area of the ship on Deck 12 for any damage so I can begin a plan for the repair of the area. He then waited for a response from the computer.

Ensign Buchanan Engineering Officer

It has been nearly half an hour since Mar had left the bridge. The fires were out, the crew was safe or being treated, and she’d helped check for survivors. Coming back on the bridge, the normally probably Counselor looked disheveled. The woman nodded and responded to the ‘welcome backs’ as she moved towards the back of them bridge.

Her long braid, normally coiled on her head, was loose down her back. The left cuff and underside of her sleeve were burnt and charred and looked like she’d managed to find the thick of it before it ended.

She moved to a replicator in the back of the bridge and got a drink of water before looking around to see what had happened. She was grateful to see the XO still there.


“You made it back and in one piece, although you look like you have been on the front lines of a very intense battle. I guess technically you were. Now that the fires are under control we can work on the subspace pulse frequency and go offer aid to our colleagues.” She activated a comm, “Itri to Sickbay. Dr. Stacey, Dr. Baptiste any update on how Commodore Andone is doing?”

=^=Ensign Baptiste here. The Commodore is in stable condition still in a recuperative coma. I am currently getting ready to treat Lieutenant Stacey for burns.=^=

-Ensign Johnathan Baptiste, Medical

Sifeda sighed a breath of relief, “Very good, Ensign Baptiste. I commend you and the doctor on your good works. You for taking care of the Commodore and Dr. Stacey for diligently fighting the fire on deck 12.”

As the Ark Angel approached the general area of the Forseth and the Volograd, Sideda instructed an NE to activate the viewscreen. As she looked on, to assess the situation of the two ships, she saw the creature essentially phase out of existence. “Did you see that? I think we got it. It looks like we are able to sever its subspace-temporal connection. Whatever we are doing, it’s working! Let’s keep at it!”

Itri, XO

Demil looked up from the console. “Lieutenant Anders, could you tighten the range to between 11.8 and 12.5 subspace temporal bands, please? The effective pulse was roughly in the middle of that range.” He stood and moved to the auxiliary science station a few feet away, running a scan of the system and nearby area to see if the creature could be located despite becoming out of phase.

Ens. Lis, Science

OOC: Ok let’s wrap up this sim! Only one last choice to make before i put it into ending the sim! Your call XO!

Unfortunately the creature wherever it had gone was not being picked up on subspace or temporal scans. The system and all within or near it though now were within normal phase with the Ark Angel and the rest of the galaxy.

“Am I seeing this right? This creature is not being picked up by any of scans? Does this mean it is no longer a threat?” She frowned as she assessed the situation in her head. The she said, “We need to check on the two ships and determine their status.”

The Volograd soon reported in that though they had quite a bit of damage to their warp drive and a few hull breaches, they could make repairs to both in a few days time and then get back to starbase 243 safely on their own power. They reported they had lost 13 crew members in the battle though and another 2 were missing presumably from hull breaches and so were likely also dead and their remains lost somewhere in subspace out of temporal phase now.

The Forseth meanwhile were also back in phase with normal progress of time flow. While they had not yet officially broken the warp barrier all three ships present did show signs of having a stable core reaction present on the ships. So since they were aware of other warp cultures now it was just a formality to make the choice to initiate official first contact procedures with their VIP ambassador and his wife that they had brought along in the first place. The XO could either choose to make such a call herself as the ranking officer here, or wait for Andone to recover and make the call herself.....

GM CockRoach

Kyle shot a smile at Marlaa, hoping that some silent reassurance would help her get her confidence back.

-Lieutenant Kyle Anders: Chief of Security-

Sifeda thought about whether they should make contact. The Commodore was in a coma and there was no telling how long she would be there. “I guess we should make contact with the Forseth and introduce ourselves. After all, we both survived....whatever that was together.”

Itri, XO

Mar smiles back at Kyle then nodded to the XO. “I’m up for it off you don’t wish to. We certainly wouldn’t just cut and run.” She laughed lightly. “It isn’t like they haven’t seen us and we can remain unknown.”

She nodded to the XO and smiled. “The question isn’t should we the question is should it be a Command Officer or myself.”


“I’ll happily go if no one else wants to,” Kyle said, only half seriously.

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-Lieutenant Kyle Anders: Chief of Security-

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