Holodeck combat training (anyone welcome)

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Posted by Ensign Luna (Security Officer) in Holodeck combat training (anyone welcome)

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Luna steped into the holodeck. Finally she could get some combat practice in. Between cernity and her other dutys it was hard to find a moment for what she wanted to do. But now she had a few moments and combat what just what she wanted.

” Computer start program Luna 1. Three enomeys please” Luna said. The computer beeped ans the grid was replaced with a corridor of the Arkange. Three enemy’s much larger then she was two infront of her one behind her. She smiled as the moved in. She shifted eferlisly into her combat stance. She held her ground as she waghted for them to get close enough.
Ensign Luna.

Ensign Luna

As they closed in Luna lept into action she leaped using the wall to bounced around her enomys so the three of them collided. ” Nice try boys.” She called as she turned on a grateful ark and kicked the one loses to her. Her foot connecting with the man’s ear. One of the others tried to grab her and she nimbly spun away. She grinned as she continued to the fight with in 15 minutes she had taken all three enomeys down.
Ensure Luna

OOC: Going to jump in, my character loves anything that is combat related :)

Over in the corner, Sifeda observed the action after slipping in the holosuite. When Luna had taken out all the enemies from her simulation, she clapped and said, “Not bad. I noticed you use your whole body, and you can leap pretty high, which means you are good at evading your attackers. I am actually impressed. What if you didn’t have your evasion abilities and you were grounded, how would you ensure your victory?” she asked.

” Because I am so light waght I have to use my entire boddy and even without the use of my wings I can still leap higher then most humans if I were truly cornered and grounded I’m not totally sure what I would do” she said Answering the question honestly. She had never been in such a situation so she honestly did not know.

Sifeda nodded she appreciated Luna’s honesty, she wasn’t arrogant like most people she had observed or engaged in combat with. “Not many people do. Also, it depends on the situation you find yourself in and of course your opponent. She walked to the center of the floor and said, “Computer give me three armed opponents.” When the three opponents appeared and encircled her she said “You have to control the battle. IF you are battling multiple opponents, the first thing you need to do is immediately take out one so there are two left. Then you need to try keep one attacker between you and another attacker. This way you’re only fighting one person at once.”

She did a quick demonstration of everything she just said. After she had defeated her opponents she said, “You do have an advantage, you move a lot and you jump high. This will confuse your attackers, however, there will be one who will learn your moves and try to ground you. You have to prepare and train for that.”

” I also have a huge disadvantage I need the spead to put into my attacks otherwise I can’t hit hard enough to do any good being bilt to fly has it cons” Luna said.

OOC: Just going to be passing by and see something running on the holodeck and being curious.

Kaden was walking down the corridor checking the ship out like he normally did when not on shift and not being able to sleep. As he was walking by one of the holodecks, he noticed it was running. He was curious of what was running but did not want to look at the computer but instead walked in. After he entered, he noticed Ensign Lune and the XO doing hand-to-hand combat. He was always impressed with what some people could do in hand to hand but never thought this was something he would be able to do. He was much more of brainy rather than the buff type. He just stood and watched for a few minutes.

Lt jg Buchanan

“How about we give it a go.” She said, “You and me against six attackers. I want you to try to stay on the ground.”

I can try odds are you will end up saving my but” She said joining the XO.

Luna noticed the LT she did not recognize them. ” who are you?” She asked turning to the stranger.
Ensign Luna

Itri, XO

Ensign Luna

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