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But after those 7 days of down time the ship had been waiting another two days then for their next assignment. That time it seems had finally come during the late morning hours on a Monday at 1137. During most of the morning the starbase crew had been busy loading quite a lot of small and large cargo containers by grav cart into the ship’s major cargo bays. Some rumor milling had begun by some of the lower deck NEs about what it all was, but so far no answer had been forthcoming. =/\= All department heads report to the conference room in 10 minutes. =/\= Came Commodore Andone’s voice ship wide. It sounded a bit frustrated and annoyed briefly before the call ended.

GM CockRoach

It was a great relief that the Commodore was recovering from her injuries even though it had only been a week. After hearing the announcement Sifeda entered the conference room. “Is there something wrong?” she asked. “I am not telepathic but I sensed some frustration in your voice during that announcement.”

Itri, XO

Drudoc turned from her place at gazing out the windows in the conference room out the rear port side of the ship to regard her XO. “..Annoyance would be more accurate, Commander. Starfleet seems to feel after all our efforts of the past year or two on different matters we are to be regulated as ‘mail delivery ship’ for an internal Federation low tech colony. I’ll explain fully once everyone arrives..” She said to gaze back out the window.

Sifeda nodded. Shencould understand the Commodore’s annoyance. The Ark Angel just survived a mission where they almost lost the Commodore. That had to count for something. They never knew what type of mission they would get but being a mail delivery ship seemed a little beneath the crew of the Ark Angel. She didn’t understand why the Federation would waste their skills and resources on such a mission. “I look forward to the briefing. Maybe there is a bigger agenda at play here.”

Kaden looked up from his station where he was running a diagnostic to verify the ship was good to go. He looked over to the closest Ensign and said, ‘Ensign Talbot, please keep an eye on this diagnostic. I need to report in with the Commodore.” He then tapped communicator =/\=Lt jg Buchanan here. I am on my way as reported.=/\= Kaden then stood up and walked out of Engineering. After a few minutes of walking and riding the turbolife, he arrived at the conference room. He took a moment before walking in. He was hoping he was not the first one to arrive. He straightened up his uniform and then walked up to the door. He then walked through the door after it opened. He took a quick look around and saw the Commodore and the Commander in the conference room. He heard them speaking and did not want to interrupt so he quietly took a seat and waited to see what the next mission was going to involve.

Lt. jg Buchanan CE

Sifeda acknowledged the newly promoted Chief Engineer. “Lieutenant Buchanan, congratulations on your promotion. Your work during the last mission is much appreciated and it’s a promotion well earned.”

Kaden looked up at Sifeda and said, “Thank you. I was just doing my job. Trying to keep things working and functioning as required. I look forward to continuing just doing my job as the Chief Engineer.” Kaden then waited to see the rest of the crew show up and get information about their next mission.

Gavin was next to arrive. He walked in while reading a PaDD that contained the newest inventory update for the medical supplies his team requisitioned. “Morning everyone,” The CMO stated as he pulled out a chair and sat down. Gavin quickly noticed that not everyone had arrived, so he went back to double checking that the inventory on his PaDD was correct.

Stacey CMO

Drudoc Andone CO

“Morning Dr. Stacey.” She said as she also took a seat at the table.

Itri, XO

Lt jg Buchanan

Lieutenant Kyle Anders crossed into the Conference Room, looking like he had just been for a very hard, tiring session in the ArkAngel‘s gym. When the rest of the senior staff gave him slightly bemused looks, he chuckled and said, “I’m not late am I? I was just drilling the Security Team, bloomin ‘eck can that lot run. What’ve I missed?”

-Lieutenant Kyle Anders: Chief of Security-

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