When sparing practice ends in the Medbay (Tag medical)

Posted March 15, 2023, 9:16 p.m. by Ensign Luna (Security Officer) (Christina Crafford)

Posted by Ensign Johnathan Baptiste (Medical Officer) in When sparing practice ends in the Medbay (Tag medical)

Posted by Ensign Luna (Security Officer) in When sparing practice ends in the Medbay (Tag medical)

Posted by Ensign Johnathan Baptiste (Medical Officer) in When sparing practice ends in the Medbay (Tag medical)
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Luna was sparing on the holodeck and will the safetyes prevented the holograms from hurting her one rong move and she came tumbling to the ground landing on top of her right wing at an unusual angel. She heard the signing pop and snap of broken been. =/\= Computer end program=/\= Luna snaped the pain clear in her voice. The program ended the tell tale black and gold grid reappearing. Luna looked at her wing as she tryes to stand. It hung limp and the bone was stiking out. She tryed to hold it stable the best she could and headed to sickbay.

” I’m sorry I need help” was all she managed to say as she entered. This was just brilliant she was four months over due on the physical and now she showed up with an ingary she had gotten from triping on the holodeck.

Ensign Luna

Johnathan had been tidying up the sickbay replaying his holodeck training simulation of the Commodore’s surgery, when in walked Ensign Luna. Just for fun Johnathan teased out the EMH’s patented catch phrase “Please state the nature of the medical emergency.” as he came out of surgical suite one.

-Johnathan Baptiste, Medical

” I know for a fact that my wing is broken, i triped in a sparing match on the holodeckand came down ontop of it” Luna said. The grimes on her face told she was in pain.
Ensign Luna

Johnathan instantly became serious and businesslike “NE Nurse Caffe, I need five cc’s of Metorapan.” He then looked at Ensign Luna “Ensign Luna, correct? Please lie on this biobed on your stomach. You’re not allergic to Metorapan are you?” Just then nurse Caffe appeared and handed Johnathan a hypospray. “Get the surgical frame up and ready.” Stated Johnathan as he began to run the medical tricorder over Luna.

-Ensign Johnathan Baptiste, Medical

As soon as he started calling out orders Luna froze. Her eyes going wide her breathing becoming short and shadow. She could feal her already racing heartbeat pick up speed. Her could hear her pulse practically roaring in her ears. It was not untill she heard the word surgical that she responded. Her first instincts was to take a step backwards. Suden pain bringing her to her senses. Without argument she carfuly climbed onto the bed. ” I don’t think so” She said finaly answering his qustion.

The scan would showed the obvious her wing was broke though that could not be missed as the bone was sting out of it. As well as veing broken she had dislocated the wing. As if she came down ontop of it and twisted. Her hart rate was high, her o2 saturation was lower the normal bit to be expected with her quick breathing witch was ether pain or stress for the situation.

” Doctor what will you have to do. ” She asked her mind stuck on the words surgical frame.
Ensign Luna

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