Ensign M’Lene Requesting Permission to Board

Posted March 22, 2023, 5:08 p.m. by Ensign M'Lene (Science Officer) (Emily S.)

Posted by Commodore Drudoc Andone (Commanding Officer) in Ensign M’Lene Requesting Permission to Board

“I’m beaming to the Ark Angel as a new science officer…that is, I would like to beam aboard…if that’s ok?” She queried, not really sure what the correct procedure was.

Transporter chief Anderson grinned and nodded, noting the fresh uniform and nervous nature of the young Ensign. “First posting is it?” He queried as he opened the comm line to the Ark Angel. M’Lene smiled and nodded, adjusting her crisp uniform as it dug into her fur.

=/\= Lt Anderson to Ark Angel, I have Ensign… =/\= the chief looked expectantly at M’Lene as she smiled obliviously.

“This is where you say your name…” he whispered to her with a chuckle.

M’Lene tutted to herself and whispered back, “M’Lene,” she replied sheepishly.

=/\= I have Ensign M’Lene, your new science officer requesting permission to board. =/\=

Ensign M’Lene (Sci)

After a moment complete with a heavy yawn from someone over the open comms a male voice replied, =/\= This is NE La’zy permission granted 243 we are ready to receive Ensign McLean....=/\= The sleepy/lazy sounding ensign said mispronouncing M’Lene’s name.

GM CockRoach

M’Lene rolled her eyes hearing the mispronunciation of her name although she was quite used to it. She looked across at Anderson who was also shaking his head. The slightly pained and apologetic look on his face let her know that this was not his first time dealing with NE La’zy. Anderson shrugged his shoulders and gave her a sympathetic grin as M’Lene stepped onto the transporter pad. Taking a deep breath she gave Anderson a nod and prepared to see her new home for the first time.

Moments later she took her first look around her new ship as she tentatively stepped off the transporter pad on the Ark Angel.

Ensign M’Lene (Sci)

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