Sickbay-Side sim- XO Check in Physical (Tag CMO)

Posted June 9, 2023, 6:13 a.m. by Lieutenant Commander Solomon Kane (Executive Officer) (D Inman)

A man begins to materialize in teleporter room 3. As soon as he is fully materialized he adjusted his uniform and stepped down from the teleporter pad. He gives a nod to the teleporter officer and quietly headed out of the room into the corridor. He turned to a side and headed up the corridor to the turbolift. He steps onto the turbolift and called out =^=Deck 12=^=. Once the turbolift reached the deck, he stepped off of onto the deck. Turning towards the way to sickbay he quickly walked that way and headed into the sickbay.

He walked in and kind of stood off to the side a moment, and watched the ongoings. His face remained a muted neutral as he watched. He ran his hand through his short spiked up black hair, his glacier blue eyes sweept the room every so often.
Lt. Cmdr, Solomon Kane, XO

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