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Stiles led the XO down a lightly paved road, near to a drink stand, where after exchanging pleasantries with two young teens who were selling the drink of some type of local fruit and offering one to XO he replied, “..Our colony has an older model of the Type-11 colonial shielding array. Got installed back in 2350s and later updated in the mid 2370s during the Dominion War. About that time too we had some Type-8 Phaser defense stations in orbit also some Type-3 photon torpedo launcher equipped stations too as I recall. Starfleet also temporarily assigned a repair and supply outpost for helping with supply chain issues to and from the Sol system and beyond for the war effort. Thankfully the war never hit home here, nor in orbit. Best guess Starfleet told us was the Dominion never figured us important enough to factor into any attacks, partly due to our life and cultural styles ‘not being a threat’. As one intelligence guy put it. Still we did our part and supplied quite a bit of minerals, and such, so not like we just sat out the war ya know?” He said taking another sip of the glass before cleaning it and returning it to the teens.

”..Anyhow after the war was over and won, we requested the outpost and defense stations be removed. Starfleet agreed without much pressuring and beyond the comm beacon in orbit for things we’ve kept to ourselves since..” He said.

GM CockRoach

Sifeda couldn’t help but smile as she took the drink. She took a sip and nodded in approval. “It’s very good. Thank you.” Sifeda listened as Mr. Stiles explained their defenses. “You had the defense stations removed? You are not concerned about outside forces invading your colony? Sure the Dominion does not consider you important however that doesn’t mean that others would not. In my experience, it is always better to be prepared for the…unexpected.” As far as Sifeda was concerned these people were sitting ducks. Whenever they did encounter danger surely they would rely on the help of Starfleet to come save them. It was better they were able to defend themselves. “Tell me about the culture here Mr. Stiles. After your young people complete their basic education, what happens to them? Do they get any type of military training?”

Itri, XO

Kyle bit back the urge to squint at the sweetness of the drink, but smiled as the flavors settled inside his throat. Falling into step beside Commander Itri, the young Security Officer added, “I’d be very interested to see the kind of protection you offer for the colony, Mr. Stiles.”

-Lieutenant Kyle Anders: Chief of Security-

Sifeda clarified, “We just think it’s odd that you wouldn’t have any plan in place to protect the citizens of the colony. I mean…you can’t think and expect that you all can reside here in peace without ever encountering any type of conflict.”

Itri, XO

“Earth went a few centuries without conflict,” Doctor Stacey chimed in, “..Well from extraterrestrials..” The CMO clarified. Gavin didn’t see the need for the colony to need protection, since they weren’t a threat to anyone. Though if someone wanted to make use of the planet, that could become an issue.

Dr. Stacey CMO

Sifeda looked at Dr. Stacey and then said, “The key word is “centuries without conflict”. They eventually did encounter conflict. Wouldn’t it be easier to be prepared for the day rather than be unprepared? Being prepared will almost certainly reduce the fear and losses that accompany disasters.”

Itri, XO

Doctor Stacey shrugged his shoulders; he was a doctor, not a diplomat. Gavin did, however, make a mental note to ship his father off to this colony in the man’s old age. The CMO did like the feeling of fresh air and sun on his face, something life aboard a starship didn’t offer.

Stacey CMO

Stiles nodded a bit, “..There is wisdom in what you say Commander. Our more security minded folks are inclined to favor such an arrangement. I myself being one of them. But the ruling council prefers a more peaceful quiet footing, unless things like the Dominion or similar threats come up. Maybe it’s not the wisest plan, but its what the majority of the colony wants too..” he said.

GM CockRoach

Gavin couldn’t help to wonder why so many people thought it was dangerous to be defenseless. This planet offered no different resources that would be found on any other M Class planets. The CMO thought giving the colony defenses might raise more questions to any passerby, and even at that, the defenses wouldn’t be a match for a dreadnought or any more than two cruisers. Either way, they were here to deliver mail, not interfere with the day-to-day livelihood.


“The quiet life is more appealing as a way of attracting new colonists I suppose,” Kyle added, trying to remain as diplomatic as possible.

-Lieutenant Kyle Anders: Chief of Security-

Gavin nodded in affirmation. It appeared that a form of democracy was being used for governing the colony.




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