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Posted June 5, 2023, 5:05 p.m. by Commodore Drudoc Andone (Commanding Officer) (Robert Archer)


The scent seemed to come up wind of them to the north the current direction the soft breeze was coming from currently. Tricorder scans showed though no sign of large animals then a few local rodents. No sign of the larger wolves locally were showing up on record. There was no interferences for the scan either. Scanning visually by Luna came up equally empty, just a slow shifting of a few branches here and there from the same wind, the quiet of the forest though indicated something had made the lesser animals go quiet for fear of a predator. The scent then of the wet fur seemed to slowly get stronger, as if it was getting closer to them......

GM CockRoach

Luna recognized the animal silence and had earge to leap into the air and get off the ground was overwhelming. ” do you have anything on your scans? “Luna said urgently.

” what ever it is. Its getting close” she said slowly moving closer to Raith. ” stay close” she said. Something in her voice made it clear she was on high alert.

Ensign Luna

The scans on Raith’s tricorder weren’t making sense. Even though Luna’s senses seemed to be far better than his own, even he could tell something was getting closer, but the scans showed no signs of life. As Luna told him to stay close, Raith drew his phaser and said, “I intend to,” Before setting his back to her. “You take the left and I’ll take the right. Whatever’s moving towards us may not be wolves, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be more than one. Be ready. If anything happens, we need to radio the ship and make sure they don’t get to the colonists before we can get everyone beamed out.”

-Ensign Raith, Security

” good thinking” Luna said. RAith would feal one of lunas wings brush againnst him as she changes her stance again. ” Sorry that was me.” She whispered.

Ensign luna.

The scent of wet fur seemed to grow closer. Perhaps no more then 20ft off in a 90 degree arc in front of them and to left and right within their normal viewing range. The thick brush seemed to part before the short clearing ahead of them. There was what felt like a low growl barely heard by both but then the dirt ahead showed heavy depressions in the ground. A sort of haze was seen briefly before four massive wolf like creatures to those native to the planet came slowly into view. They stood when fully upright from ground to the top of their bodies a good 8ft tall. They were from nose to tail almost 12ft long and a solid 4-5ft wide. Their teeth were exposed showing sharp rows ready to bite and rend, a bit of drool tripping from each of their lips. All four though wore something that stood out from normal to these creatures. Around their left front and right back legs was a small metal band slightly grey-brown in color tone. A quick tricorder scan showed a third such similar device spherical though in shape was embedded inside the left quarter of the skulls of each wolf. It seems all three were some kind of technological ‘booster’ of some sort, making the wolves at a quick glance, stronger, faster, smarter, and likely more hearty then they would normally. Not only that it also seemed to provide some measure of natural camouflage to their fur by a genetic implant.

With barely a second to fully take this in and scans seen, the first of the four wolves broke from the lead and bounded towards Luna jaw open wide attempting to latch onto her in some way. The second wolf bounded lighting fast to Raith’s left bouncing off a tree for purchase and lunged at him also looking to do the same. The third wolf in the quartet broke right dashing under a heavier pile of brush and fading from immediate view though rustling showed it likely was trying to flank or something. The fourth wolf stood back from the coming fight watching and waiting it seemed.

GM CockRoach

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