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Posted June 5, 2023, 5:19 p.m. by Commodore Drudoc Andone (Commanding Officer) (Robert Archer)


Stiles nodded a bit, “..There is wisdom in what you say Commander. Our more security minded folks are inclined to favor such an arrangement. I myself being one of them. But the ruling council prefers a more peaceful quiet footing, unless things like the Dominion or similar threats come up. Maybe it’s not the wisest plan, but its what the majority of the colony wants too..” he said.

GM CockRoach

Gavin couldn’t help to wonder why so many people thought it was dangerous to be defenseless. This planet offered no different resources that would be found on any other M Class planets. The CMO thought giving the colony defenses might raise more questions to any passerby, and even at that, the defenses wouldn’t be a match for a dreadnought or any more than two cruisers. Either way, they were here to deliver mail, not interfere with the day-to-day livelihood.


“The quiet life is more appealing as a way of attracting new colonists I suppose,” Kyle added, trying to remain as diplomatic as possible.

-Lieutenant Kyle Anders: Chief of Security-

Gavin nodded in affirmation. It appeared that a form of democracy was being used for governing the colony.

Stacey CMO

Leading the pair down another street the trio came to a more less technological area of the main hub. This one setup with wooden stalls lining the side of a 30ft wide street market. “..The quiet and peaceful life is what indeed drew us here over two centuries ago soon after Earth had the means to establish extra-Sol colonies. Our ancestors believed Earth broken. That modern technology led to its ruin and pain more often then not. They sought a peaceful life free to rebuild as they saw fit. However, once the Federation was established in 2161 and coming into the later end of the 22nd century the first and second generations of colonists now here knew that a peaceful life they wanted could only be preserved in one of two ways. Utter neutrality and pacsscism or minimal defense and strategic planning to the aide of the Federation in secondary functions. It is an argument that has swayed in one form or another on our colony for generations and likely will continue to do so forever more. Fights physically have not broken out, nor has it broken our core spirit, but there has been some harsh words exchanged on more then one occasion..” he said with a chuckle as if recalling a time or two he himself had done such on either end of the exchange. Turning to a stall on their left, which seemed to sell an assortment of dyed and hand woven fabrics, he felt a red-black banded patches. The woman at the stall garbed in a simple tunic of blue and grey and jeans of a deep brown smiled to him.

”..Afternoon Mr Stiles. I see you got the lucky straw to meet with the Starfleet folks..” She said smiling to the pair as well and dipping her head politely, “..It is a pleasure to meet you both..” She added.

Smiling Stiles nodded, “..Ah yes little Sunny, this is Lieutenant Anders the chief of security and Junior Lieutenant Stacey, their Chief Medical Officer. It seems your skill in fabric weaving has improved considerably since last seasons turn over, the coloring especially is quite vibrant this time..” he said.

Smiling more the mid-20s woman nodded, “..Oh yes! I happened to find a mixture of the Bipdell blossom with Terran strawberry and raspberry juice when lightly tanned in direct sunlight provided a more natural vibrant coloring pattern!” She said tapping the various vibrant red colored items. “..Momma says I get too wrapped up in the sciences of it all but you know how stubborn she is in the older ways!” She chuckled. “..Says I will loose the point of hand weaving such things if I get too science. Just silly if you ask me!” she exclaimed.

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