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Posted June 6, 2023, 6:26 a.m. by Ensign Thomas Buckingham (Medical Officer) (Steve Alliss)

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”..Wait here I’ll bring out Musko first, he’s usually the more ornery one of the bunch..” She said.

The woman nodded, hopping over the fence easily after a small preparation. Landing she soon made a few chittering sounds, which attracted one of the bull’s attentions. “..Here Musko, that’s a good boy, Musko. Come to mama.” she cooed, after a snort and huff the large Bull was in her grasp and got hooked into a side pen and was held still by the bracing of the close pen lines. While it could move a little, jumping and kicking was mostly negated as the woman hopped back out of the containment stall. Waving the pair over. “..Alright you folks can come on over then here, do your doo dad scanning, and if you need to directly take a blood sample or something let me know and I’ll tighten up the pen frame for yas..” She said.

GM CockRoach

“Thank You, Madam. That’s very kind.” Buckingham said warmly. “Shall we?” He said to Ensign M’Lene as he made his way over to the containment pen.

M’Lene nodded, still a little apprehensive. “Indeed,” she as she took a deep breath to calm herself.

As the beast moved and wiggled in the pen Buckingham held his Tricorder out in-front of him and performed a scan of the Bull.

“Well Hello Musko.” He Thomas said wryly. “Now you be a good boy, won’t you?” He waited as the result began to appear on the device’s screen.

Ensign Thomas Buckingham - Medical

M’Lene instinctively stroked the bull as she took some further readings to help identify any pathogens or foreign substances.

Ensign M’Lene (Sci)

The tricorder scans began, and the bull’s ears twitched and the whirring and humming of the tricorder near it. Snorting at its presence a bit of warm snot landed Thomas’s left shoulder but it otherwise held still more or less. M’Lene’s touch of the animal (I’m assuming left shoulder) gave the impression the beast was quite strong and powerful if it chose to be. The muscular body ripping under her presence. After a second though it seemed to relax some and the tricorder beeped. No pathogens or foreign substances known were detected. Though it did have a perceptible elevated heart rate, but given the ‘strangers’ to it this was probably normal.

”..So Musko all clean? If he is I’ll go get the next one.” She said.

GM CcokRoach

Thomas looked at the snot on his shoulder and then looked to Ensign M’Lene. “Charming…” He said, ironically.

“We can detect nothing out of the ordinary. If you could, that would be wonderful.” Thomas said at the offer to bring the next animal.

Ensign Thomas Buckingham - Medical

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