Side Sim-Holosuite 1- XO Coming Aboard Check in

Posted June 7, 2023, 9:01 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Solomon Kane (Executive Officer) (D Inman)

Posted by Commodore Drudoc Andone (Commanding Officer) in Side Sim- Captain’s Ready Room- XO Coming Aboard Check in

Kane stepped off of the turbolift onto the bridge. He let out his breath that he had held for a minute or two. Pulling down the shirt of his uniform, he makes minute and seemingly insignificant adjustments to his uniform as he walks across the bridge. To the bridge officers he only says “Meeting with the Capitan.” He crossed the bridge, trying to stay out of the way of the officers going about their jobs and tasks. Standing outside of the door he reached up and pressed the call button beside the door.

Lt. Cmdr, Solomon Kane, XO

Just a second or so after the XO had pressed the chime, NLt Stern at the helm station to the right side of the bridge spoke, “..Commander, the Commodore is not in her ready room presently.” he reported, checking his console a second he added, “..She is currently in holosuite 1 on deck 16. She left a message that any new arrivals wishing to meet her should report there. You should also know she is with her daughter and several of the other teenage school teens.” he reported.

GM CockRoach

Kane turned about, he nodded at the officer at the helm. “Thank you Lt. I will have to meet her there then. Her present company is noted.” He said before he headed back the way he came. He stepped back onto the Turbolift =^=Deck 16=^= he called out. The doors closed and away the turbolift went, as it swiftly carried him to his requested deck. He let out his breath and looked down on himself as the lift moved. He took a moment to recollect himself before the door opened. He stepped out of the turbolift into the corridor. He headed to a wall and places his hand on the pannel. =^=Computer. Show me to holosuite 1=^= He nodded as the pannels lit up and showed him the way towards his desired destination.

He stopped just beyond the door’s detection range and took a moment. He readied himself once more. He stepped forward and watched the door open up. He watched the door open and then looked around the inside, before his eyes swept between the people within the room. “Good afternoon.” He said as he looked between everyone.
Lt. Cmdr. Solomon Kane, XO

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