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”..Momma says our family once came from Earth generations ago, leading one of the first extra-Sol colonies here as part of a big wagon train to the stars! Is it still like that? Pete Bilkins says its boring out there now and not as exciting as our lives..” Bill asked.

As they were talking and approaching the fence line for the Mayer’s homestead the smell of baked bread whisked in on the wind from the double story home a few hundred feet ahead.

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“Colony evals are a good thing. They may seem silly, but it’s a way to see how you all are progressing. Sometimes on those trips we may find that you discovered a plant that has great medicinal purposes. Or even grows in such a strange medium that we can use it on other planets. Sometimes necessary ingenuity from you creates a crossbreed of animal or plant that no one thought of because it wasn’t needed. And yes, we bring things that might help you without hindering your natural evolution here.”

When Sally mentioned it being boring out there, Mar smiled. “I think boring is a perspective thing. Some would think your life here was boring and mundane. While others would think traveling in the darkness of space for months on end was boring. But some see excitement everywhere.” She lifted her hand to motion it, taking in a wide sweep of the terrain. “Here you are creating new life, new civilization. Every inch of Earth has been explored. Not every inch of this place has. And out there,” she lifted her hand to space, “hardly any of us been explored.”

Dropping her hand, she smiled at all of them in turn. “Exciting or boring just depends on what you’re looking for or looking at.”

As they approached the homestead and fresh bread assaulted her senses, Marlaa grew silent and let the others talk.


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Sally nodded a bit considering the words, “..I guess you have a point. Life here on Losa is nice. Even during the Dominion War, Momma says we only got lightly involved. A few more rebellious folks I heard left disavowing their citizenship here to fight for the Federation. Only one came back and after an argument with the colony council he left again. That was about 9or so years ago. I was barely out of pre-school at the time so I only recall a lot of shouting during our town hall meetings that Momma took me too..” She said.

Turning Sally shouted up to the house, “..Mrs Dalkens? Are you home?” she asked.

After a long moment one of the second floor windows came open, and an elderly lady poked her head out squinting. “..Oh my if it isnt little Sally! My how you have grown! Why yes of course I am home as you can see!” She said chuckling. “..I see you got some friends too!” Then looking closer she adjusted some glasses on her face, “..Ah are those Starfleet crew I see? Looks like they went and changed their uniform designs again since that dastardly war back in the 2370s! What is that like the third or fourth time now?” She said.

”..I uh…I don’t know Mrs Dalkens? They are just out here with me to see our colony farms, and deliver some of the mail! You got one in fact, can we come in to delivery it?” Sally inquired.

”..Well I don’t see why not, come on up to the porch and let yourselves in then. Just gotta get the Cherry Bread loaves out of the oven first!” She said sliding off from view.

Sally seemed excited, “..Oh gosh I thought that was her famous cherry bread I smelled. You’re in for a real treat if she offers you a slice totally take it!” Sally said leading them up the steps to the porch and going in through the front door and to the left into a mid-1800s style kitchen.

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Mar laughed with the woman. “Yes, ma’am. They’ve changed it plenty.”

She continued to smile as Sally lead her into the house. The fresh baked smell was a welcoming thing. Mar couldn’t remember the last time she had eaten food that hadn’t come from a replicator. As they entered the kitchen, she shook her head, looking around. “It’s funny, you know. We travel between planets, between galaxies, between quadrants of existence. Yet it always comes down to going home, and getting back to the basics. And it doesn’t matter where that place is.”

She carried in the mail for the woman and waited where Sally told her to.


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